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Inspur is one of the largest global datacenter and cloud computing solutions provider in the world. Our technological capabilities enable us to deliver full Cloud service stack from Iaas and PaaS to SaaS. We are widely recognized as the leaders in computing and server hardware design and production, and work with more than 1,000 enterprises around the world in end to end HPC, cloud computing, and private and public cloud management.

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Our R&D department is committed to spearheading innovation in supercomputing and cloud technology. Inspur has one of the most respected R&D facilities around the globe. Our capabilities enable us to revolutionize the workflow, data management, and virtualization of enterprises.
With strategic business partnerships across Asia, Americas, Europe, Africa, and the Australia, we are able to overcome the challenges of computing and limitations associated with cloud computing. We also organize some of the largest events in the world of supercomputing to increase innovation.
Inspur is all about working in synergy with partners and clients. We value the feedback and insight from enterprises and organizations we work with to ensure that we are able to overcome barriers in mobility, costs, energy conservation, and performance by delivering cutting edge solutions.
Inspur believes in mutual growth and is strategically aligned to ensure that enterprises are able to leverage on agile, robust, and cost effective solutions that promote scalability and growth in their workflow. We work closely with business partners that help us innovate and change the way we think of collaboration.

Explore Inspur Products

  • 8U/8-Way Mission Critical Enterprise System

    8U/8-Way Mission Critical Enterprise System, also known as TS860GS, is a third generation high performance server by INSPUR. Based on the 8-way server model, the TS860GS deploys cutting edge Intel Xeon processor to deliver unmatched speed and performance. The TS860GS is the most powerful 8-way server in the market with more than 60 RAS features for unparalleled performance and reliability. As the server of choice for mission critical applications in industries such as energy, government, finance, telecom, and transportation, TS860GS delivers 99.999% reliability and incredible performance when it matters the most.

  • Blade Servers

    INSPUR Blade Server is a module architecture that is purpose built for data centers of large enterprises and for large-scale computing cluster that relies on efficiency. Blade Servers integrate storage equipment, servers, and network in a compact casing that allows users to manage all the equipment resources via an integrated centralized management system. Since 1993, the Blade Server has been a symbol of innovation performance servers. Browse our complete range of award winning Blade Servers that give your enterprise agility, performance, and reliability beyond comparison.

  • Inspur Rack Scale Server

    Inspur Rack Scale Server is the ideal data center solution for growing enterprises. Featuring an innovative modular design for quick upgrades, it provides centralized power supply and cooling that lowers the operating costs and power consumption of the system while significantly promoting efficiency. The front maintenance design and central management make Inspur Rack Scale Server and incredibly easy to deploy and maintain systems. Combined with INSPUR Cloud Computing Operating Systems, Inspur Rack Scale Server delivers comprehensive cloud computing data center solution while optimizing overall TCO.

  • InCloudRack

    The INSPUR InCloud Rack is a revolutionary modern data center solution for cloud computing that is widely hailed for its incredible modular design. Based on the Rack Scale Architecture by Intel and following the Scorpio specifications, the InCloud Rack combines centralized power, cooling, and management for instant deployment and exceptional reliability. Purpose built to minimize downtown and promote serviceability, the InCloud Rack brings unparalleled energy efficiency to lower TCO and increase ROI.

Inspur Has The Solutions You Need


High Performance Computing (HPC) enables your enterprise to meet the demands of research, development, design, growth, and daily workflow with ease.


Deep Learning

As the leading solutions provider for deep learning around the world, we help our business partners and governments drive decision making.



Custom Built OpenStack Solutions for Success.
As members of OpenStack Foundation, Inspur is committed to delivering exceptional open source cloud solutions with our range of OpenStack products.


Integrated Solutions

Create a Seamless Virtual Workflow for Growth
Inspur is all about creating synergy, and that becomes possible when your enterprise is backed by comprehensive, reliable, and easy to deploy and use integrated solutions.



Inspur is committed to empowering enterprises with smarter virtualization and data management via online, cloud based, and server based software and applications.


Case Studies

Learn how enterprises and organizations around the world are able to overcome IT bottlenecks and conventional challenges of computing with our innovative solutions.



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