AI & Deep Learning

AI & Deep Learning

Accelerate your AI and deep learning applications with cutting-edge solutions from the world’s leading computing technology innovator. Learn more.

Empowering the Future with AI & Deep Learning

The era of smart computing is upon us. Enterprises are gearing to adopt intelligence in addition to standard digitization. Inspur is one of the leading hardware innovators and solutions providers for AI and deep learning applications around the globe. We are working on developing newer, faster, smarter end-to-end solutions that help you accelerate your business.
Innovations Accelerating AI
Caffe-MPI Framework

Based on the Caffe architecture, Inspur’s Caffe-MPI framework adopts MPI technology to maximize performance in data trainings through parallel data processing and multi-tasking and is supported on large-scale cluster platforms.


Inspur’s FPGA accelerator card F10A, based on Altera’s Arria 10 and leveraging OpenCL, substantially shortens software development time and offers high performance at low power consumption, essential to deep learning applications.

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Teye Analysis System

Teye analyzes AI application performance features of hardware and system resources on GPU clusters, providing analyses to help users maximize and optimize app computational potential.

AI Products & Solutions

Inspur Deep Learning Appliance

Based on MPI optimized Caffe frame developed by Inspur, the appliance is a software/hardware integrated solution with MPI parallel and multiple GPU accelerators for big data processing.

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AI Station Management System

Based on Inspur’s DeepEngine, this management system handles deployment of deep learning training environments, training task management, computing resources and scheduling management, and dynamic GPU resource allocation.




Supercomputing server supporting up to 8 GPUs in 2U with NVIDIA® NVLink™ 2.0 enabled

Rack Scale SR
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Quad GPU in a 2U form factor supercomputer expansion box supporting multiple configurations

OCP Open Rack
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Video analytics AI server with 8 NVIDIA Tesla P4 GPUs / 4 FLHL GPUs and up to 96TB of local storage

Open19 Rack
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SR-AI Rack Server

Rack server with PCI-e Fabric interconnect architecture, ability to daisy-chain up to 64 GPUs

InCloud Rack
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