Big Data Architect

Brief Description:

The role of Big Data Architect is to be responsible for R&D and architecture design of Big Data key technologies.

  • Analyze and evaluate domestic and international Big Data-related technology trends and key technology routes, maintain communication and interaction with leading international companies
  • To participate in Big Data key technologies (Spark, machine learning, etc.) research and development, can become a major contributor to the open source community
  • Responsible for Big Data key technologies (Spark, Machine Learning, etc.) to achieve product path planning
  • To participate in Big Data analysis of key application scenarios architecture design


  • More than five years working experience in the field of Big Data-related, familiar with Java, Scala, Go, Python programming language
  • Proficient in Big Data distributed data storage and computing technology architecture; Familiar with Hadoop and Spark related technology design principles and code implementation
  • Proficient in machine learning and study the relevant principles in-depth, more than 2 years working experience in Big Data analysis
  • With operations and management of more than hundred scale Hadoop cluster (across multiple data centers) experience is preferred


  • Bachelor’s degree or above in Computer Science or related field
Job Location: Fremont, CA
Department: R&D
Job Type: Full-time Employee
How To Apply: Please e-mail your resume directly to Inspur

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