Material Planner

Brief Description:

The Material Planner will work with Demand Planning group to fully understand MRP demand and supply needs and balance those against operational goals including LEAN manufacturing principles. This position will require a person that is capable of understanding the details of manufacturing processes, translating those into appropriate supply plans, and executing successfully against those plans.

  • Understand lead times for the parts and the effects to Material Planning, including the variation of the logistics lead time to ensure on time supply.
  • Understand in depth the technical functionality of MRP (Materials Requirement Planning) process including the effect of yield factors, safety stock and multiple sources of demand.
  • Understand in depth EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) communications including technical aspects and troubleshooting to ensure proper information is delivered to the suppliers.
  • Plan, schedule, and manage the materials for delivering time-critical components to support assigned production area and/or service areas.
  • Plan material requirements from multiple demand sources: production, service, engineering, re-manufacturing, other OEMs.
  • Work with direct suppliers and Inspur headquarter to establish the appropriate delivery quantity and frequency for Just In Time (JIT) delivery and line-side replenishment quantities; coordinate with Supply Chain Specialist and Logistics as needed, ultimately ensuring the right quantity at the right time to achieve production goals (no production line impact).
  • Maintain accurate open Purchase Order lines to define the inbound quantities and due dates from vendors.
  • Identify system demand and/or BOM issues, and resolve inventory discrepancies.
  • Generate and provide vendor forecasts on a regular basis to support production build plan, minimize freight costs, and optimize inventory levels.
  • Using the inbound logistics tools, monitor the supplier shipments status and define appropriate actions if shipment is out of standard.

Inventory Control

  • Calculate Safety Stock Levels using the statistical formula for Safety Stock (Service Level, Lead-time, Demand and standard deviations)
  • Maintain MRP master data parameters to ensure accurate signals for quantity and dates generated by MRP (i.e. lead times, MOQ’s, lot sizing, and safety stock) to minimize excess.
  • Assist in implementing systematic solutions to control inventory flow, minimize shortages, and maintain accuracy in ERP system.
  • Provide ongoing transparency of inventory levels and ensure continuous inventory accuracy
  • Ensure target inventory levels are achieved, avoiding inventory shortages and overages.

Change Control

    • Understand supplier readiness including technical challenges.
    • Understand how the Manufacturing BOM (MBOM) is created from the Engineering BOM (EBOM) and have the ability to analyze, audit and propose the appropriate MBOM structure including option codes and multi-level structures and types.
    • Collaborate with Purchasing, Engineering, Change Control, and Document Control to coordinate Engineering Change Order timing, targeting minimal obsolescence.
    • Coordinate supplier ramp up and ramp down for new product launches. Responsible for ramping suppliers to achieve build plan targets.
    • Identify potential supply risks and inventory exposures by aligning supply chain processes with product development project plan milestones.
    • Work fluidly in a highly cross-functional team environment involving manufacturing and product development teams, as well as supply chain specialists, manufacturing engineers, materials and logistics personnel.
Job Location: Fremont, CA
Department: Business Operation
Job Type: Full-time Employee
How To Apply: Please e-mail your resume directly to Inspur

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