Inspur Bears the Spring Festival Load for China Railway

China Railway is the national railway operator for the people of China. It provides all transport for rail commuters and freight. The total rail coverage consists of about 121,000 km. China Railway is responsible for all aspects of passage across the country including special transport, disaster relief, and daily commutes. It is also the authority for all development and construction of any new railway roads. In 2014, China Railway made over 2.357 billion passenger trips, making it one of the busiest transport modes in the world.


China Railway’s 12306 booking network is one of the most sophisticated electronic business systems in the world. It is also one of the world’s busiest networks. In 2015, there was an average of 1.4 billion page views. This number reaches incomparable numbers during the Spring Festival. The average page views during this period can reach up to 29.7 billion.

The discrepancies in stations and seating means that 12306 cannot rely upon a traditional method that uses simple inventory management and trading mechanisms. There is a vast difference between the business logic complexity of 12306 and other electricity providers. A large number of visits to the 12306 site results in tickets being sold. This adds up to thousands of sales. This creates a requirement for ticket information synchronization and a need to eliminate order processing errors.

There has been a significant increase in the number of people using their mobile devices as a means to purchase tickets. This has led to a rise in the number of ticket terminals present for such purchases. This accounts for one-fourth of all internet ticketing. This sheer volume of transactions cannot be handled by traditional servers.


The Inspur Rack Scale Server SR 4.5 Rackscale Architecture has features that are designed to specifically handle the challenges faced by 12306. The central management allows for efficiency during transactions, especially when they are significant in number. This means that Inspur Rack Scale Server SR 4.5 can handle the large volume of purchases made on its site and terminals. This Inspur server also provides ease of deployment with its specialized design. It is capable of ensuring that all transactions go through smoothly and without any delays or errors being made.

The high density deployment of the Inspur Rack Scale Server SR 4.5 user ensures that a lot of valuable space is saved, lessening the need for multiple data centers. The centralized power supply and cooling system both work to reduce the energy consumption of the server. This in turn, reduces the TCO expenses for the company. There is also an increase in the efficiency of the power conversion. The architecture of this Inspur server will support the demands of the 12036 systems where other servers have failed.


The introduction of the Inspur Rack Scale Server SR 4.5 servers to the 12306 system has resulted in 2014 being the most stable year for the system reported. All bookings were handled efficiently and smoothly and occurred without any errors. The peak period, Spring Festival, was managed especially well by the Inspur Rack Scale Server SR 4.5 server. The 12306 system also experienced a decrease in power consumption by up to 30 percent. This reduced the TCO costs and made the system infinitely more efficient.

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