Agricultural Bank

Inspur’s New Take on Agricultural Bank’s Systems

Agricultural Bank of China is one of the ‘Big Four’ banks of China. Founded in 1951, it has over 24,000 branches in multiple countries. It has about 2.7 corporate clients and over 350 million individual clients. Its total assets in 2015 summed up to almost 18 trillion Yuan. Its prestige is globally recognized and it has been ranked amongst the world’s top companies and received a Moody’s credit rating of A1. It was also among the top seven of the Top 1000 World Banks.


For over ten years, Agricultural bank has been using minicomputers as a business system. The bank realized it required national data centralization, in addition to the core accounting system in use. This led to the incorporation of PC servers along with the minicomputers still in place.

The minicomputers rely upon a single source. This causes them to have a high cost of purchase as well as make it expensive to maintain. This has resulted in a limited number of purchases being made each year. This means that the TCO for the current systems in place in the Agricultural Bank are quite high.


The Inspur server, in recent years, has made the minicomputer redundant. The technology is extremely reliable and has an architecture that can support all of the bank’s processing needs. These modern servers rival minicomputers in consistency.
The Inspur servers are also a more cost-efficient solution for the Agricultural Bank. The centralized power supply and the specifically designed cooling system of the servers are built to reduce the amount of energy used. Different nodes acquire power from a power source module via a copper wire. This is combined with the dynamic adjustment technology of power load. This results in a power conversion efficiency of over 94 percent. The less power that these servers use, the lower the TCO will be.
The Inspur servers are also prepped to ensure that any maintenance can be done quickly and at a lower cost. The parts of the server that are expected to wear away sooner are placed on the outside so that they are easy to access. This keeps the maintenance costs down.


The Agricultural Bank has greatly benefited from incorporating Inspur servers in their system. It has resulted in a 30 percent decrease in their TCO. They have also managed to reduce their operation and maintenance costs by 50 percent. This has led to an increase in purchasing quantity by 80 percent.

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