Bank of Communications

Inspur Servers Bear the Load of Bank of Communications Systems

Bank of Communications is one of the largest banks in China. Founded in 1908, it is also one of the oldest. It even boasts a history of having issued bank notes in the currency of Modern China. It was listed as the nineteenth largest bank in the world. It also ranked 217 in the list of Fortune 500 Companies. The bank has 224 local branches, 2785 outlets in China, and branches in fifteen different countries. Bank of Communications’ services encompasses commercial banking, trust management, security options, leasing, fund services, insurance, and offshore financial management.


There is a great demand required from the Bank of Communications servers. There are thousands of transactions occurring at various outlets of this bank, daily. Customers are depositing, withdrawing, and transferring funds, from and to a variety of destinations. It is not the mere bulk of the operations, either. All of these procedures must be conducted efficiently and in real-time. There can be no room for errors.

There are even more tasks taking place within these bank branches such as offshore fund management and insurance. All of these operations place a great deal of stress among the servers. Traditional servers are unable to cope with this volume of data.

Traditional servers will require a great deal of power and maintenance to be able to process even some of these operations. This will place a lot of expense on the Bank of Communications and significantly increase the TCO.


The Inspur servers are exclusively designed to be able to manage the bulk processing of the Bank of Communications. The various requirements of the Bank of Communications can be met by the Inspur servers. There are features that cater to storage, computing, IO capacity, and power consumption. The Inspur cabinet server has developed diverse types of server nodes to fulfill their needs. These features incorporate 1U full-width dual-way 12 disks integrated node, 1U full-width single-way 18 disks cold storage node and 1U half-width dual-way computing node.

The centralized power supply design of the Inspur servers mean that the power conversion is over 94 percent. The different nodes obtain power from the power source module through means of a copper wire. This is combined with the dynamic adjustment technology of power load.


The architecture of the Inspur servers supports the transactions occurring at the Bank of Communications with ease. This has resulted in the increase of output for the bank with no errors reported. The efficiency with operations has significantly increased. The TCO of the bank is also expected to be reduced by at least 10 percent.

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