China Construction Bank

Inspur Servers Help Operations of China Construction Bank

China Construction Bank is the second largest bank in the world based on market capitalization. It is also ranked the sixth largest company, globally. It has over 13,000 local branches and over ten other branches, worldwide. In 2011, its total assets were valued at over 12 trillion Yuan. The bank ranked second in Forbes Global 2000 list. The bank has three main segments of operation. These are personal banking, corporate banking, and treasury management. The Chinese Construction bank is a leader in the field of banking.


Banking has changed drastically over the last few years. As technology has advanced, so have the ways in which people bank and interact with their banks. Mobile applications, online banking, and stringent security procedures are now all a part of daily banking procedures. This has increased the amount of data that China Construction Bank is flooded with. The need for real-time banking has also increased among customers. This requires servers that can support such a complex and demanding system.

The increase in response from the servers, means that servers have to work harder and require a greater power source. This augmented power demand ultimately leads to higher TCO. It also means that these considerable number of servers require frequent maintenance, another added cost.


The Inspur Rack Scale Server SR 4.5 Rackscale Architecture was ideal for helping China Construction Bank run smoothly. First, when this server was combined with Inspur’s cloud computing operation system, the RMC centralized management unit created the ultimate computing data center solution. This means that all the operations of the bank can be run on this server. The fast deployment mechanisms ensured that the server ran at optimal efficiency. The central management design of the server also guaranteed that the whole process was simplified.

The design of the Inspur Rack Scale Server SR 4.5 server is key to helping lower the TCO. Its cooling systems and lower power consumption warrant that the operational costs of this servers will be kept to a minimum. The structure of the server also ensured that maintenance was provided at a lower cost. These servers are also equipped to be upgraded with ease and least amount of disruption.


The functioning prowess of the Inspur Rack Scale Server SR 4.5 server has led to the effortless continuation of the China Construction Bank’s operations. The output production has increased while remaining efficient. There have also been no errors reported. The total TCO costs decreased by around 10 percent. The Inspur Rack Scale Server SR 4.5 servers are capable of handling the continuous volume of the China Construction Bank.

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