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China Unicom Shows Results Equipped with Inspur Servers

China United Network Communications Group Company Limited is more commonly known as China Unicom. It is a state-owned telecommunications operator in China. At the conclusion of 2008, the telecom company had 133 million GSM users, 30.1 million broadband customers, and 109 million fixed-line subscribers. With a customer base of over 273 million, China Unicom is the world’s fourth largest mobile service provider. The company also placed among the Top 500 list in terms of revenue, customer base, and market capitalization.


China Unicom continues to expand its reach in the telecommunications sector. As it does so, it seeks to provide its customers with comprehensive and accurate information and communication services. It also endeavors to deploy one of the world’s leading 4G networks.

To accommodate the considerable requirements of China Unicom, the servers must be able to maintain reliable operation of the network and business. The efficiency of the server must be offset by ease in management. The servers must also cater to the highly technical requirements of the China Unicom system as well its strict quality control features.

China Unicom has undertakings in the development of mobile internet and to build an improved infrastructure. The servers incorporated into this system must be equipped with hardware to be able to handle these functions. As the technological strength of China Unicom increases, the server needs to be able to carry the company into the Internet age of business development.


The varied requirements of China Unicom can be met with the Inspur servers. These servers cater to a variety of needs including storage, computing, and IO capacity. These varying necessities are met with different types of server nodes. These nodes include the 1U full-width dual-way 12 disks integrated node, 1U full-width single-way 18 disks cold storage node and 1U half-width dual-way computing node.

The architectural design of the nodes ensure a safeguarded and highly reliable operation. As the nodes have no independent power supply, this successfully decreases the potential for failure of single points. There is centralized management of the rack nodes, energy supplies, and fans. This allows the RMC to monitor and administrate various modules of the cabinet in a cohesive manner. The visualization management software enables an efficient but uncomplicated management of the server.


Intel E5v2 and E7v2 platforms were used in combination with Inspur acceleration technology. The result was a performance improvement of more than double the amount. The innovative IO design significantly reduced latency while doubling bandwidth. The SmartPower technology of Inspur helped the system users to detect and control power consumption. It further improved the efficiency of the overall IT infrastructure performance. The China Unicom system was also equipped with an Inspur fault navigation system. This stabilized operations when the temperatures exceeded 45 degrees. This guaranteed server uptime in harsh environments.

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