Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

ICBC Banks on the Inspur Rack Scale Server SR 4.5

The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China is a Chinese banking company. It is one of the largest banks in the world based on total assets and market capitalization. In 2015, its assets totaled at 23.1 trillion Yuan. It conducts business across six continents. ICBC has over 5 million corporate clients and 465 individual clients. It offers a broad range of financial products and services and its bank is considered an integrated, international IT management structure. ICBC has won many prestigious awards including “Best Global Bank”. It was also featured in Forbes list as one of the largest and most powerful banks in the world.


ICBC undergoes thousands and thousands of transactions every day. It also does this across multiple platforms, catering to people all over the world. The servers need to be capable of handling such a large volume of dealings. This has the propensity for TCO costs to increase significantly when such large operations need to be handled. The data centers required as well as the power needed to run this operation is considerable. ICBC has to also be able to rapidly respond to the various demands of the consumer. This means that the rate of production among its servers needs to be quite high.


Inspur’s servers have the ability to cater to all the necessities of a company as large as ICBC. The high density deployment features of the Inspur servers ensures that they take up as little space as possible. The specialized design features of the servers has downsized by converting to a whole unit power supply cell, lowering the modules from 80 to a mere 8.

The TCO of the company is kept to a minimum by introducing the power efficient properties of Inspur servers. Along with the cooling systems, this lowers the amount of power drawn by the servers. The structure of the Inspur servers also ensures that the platform can be updated quickly and effortlessly without expending a lot of expense. The banks dealings will not be disrupted when the servers need to be updated.


The Inspur servers have proven to be extremely popular with the ICBC company. They have withstood multiple tests and ensured the continuing operations of the ICBC. In the wake of the effectiveness of the Inspur servers, ICBC in Beijing, they have also included in the Shanghai and Provincial data centers.

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