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The Prestigious ASC Student Supercomputer Challenge is back in 2018 and ready to change the future of supercomputing with the help of bright young minds from around the globe!


About ASC

The Student Supercomputer Challenge, sponsored and organized by Inspur, is an annual competition that initiated in 2012. The ASC12 showcased the talents of 27 teams in innovation and R&D in supercomputing. Only a year later, the ASC13 made it big with 43 teams. Last year was the most prominent Student Supercomputer Challenge to date that featured 152 teams from six continents. This year in 2018, Looks set to be bigger than ever.

Spirit of ASC

ASC Student Supercomputer Challenge aims to:
  • Boost collaboration and productivity in youth
  • Improve the implementation of supercomputing and R&D capabilities
  • Drive innovation in supercomputing

Global HPC Experts Supported

  • A non-profit organization, initiated by China
  • Jointly launched and organized by the HPC experts and institutes from Japan, Russia, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, HongKong and other countries and regions.
  • As the impacts increasing, many recognized HPC scientists from USA and EU have also joined.


Inaugural ASC Students Supercomputer Challenge held in Beijing. It featured 27 teams and was the starting of a new age of excellence and innovation in supercomputing.


The ASC13 was held in Shanghai and superseded its predecessor as 43 teams participated in the event.



The ASC14 was held in Guangzhou and was the first ASC competition to have more than 50 teams. 82 teams representing five continents headlined the event.


The ASC15 was held in Taiyuan and as of yet is the largest supercomputer competition ever held that featured 152 teams from 18 countries and six continents.



Inspur and HPC are back in 2018 with the largest supercomputer competition on the planet. Do you have what it takes to become the next leader of innovation in supercomputing?

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