USB interface problem

Description: Unable to use devices with a USB interface. Operation steps: a、Make sure operation system on server supports USB devices. b、Make sure system has been […]

Keyboard and mouse are not available

Description: Neither keyboard nor mouse could be operated normally. Operation steps: a、Make sure whether cable connection of keyboard or mouse is correct and firm. b、Test […]

Memory capacity incomplete

Description: Memory capacity viewed via the operation system does not correspond with physical memory capacity. Operation steps: a、Ensure all memories have been correctly installed in […]

Front panel status indicator alarms

Description: The server is under normal operation, but system status indicator on front control panel flashes or the red indicator is on to alarm. Operation […]

No display if power on

Description: After pressing the power button, server front control panel indicator is on, but there’s no output on the display. Operation steps: a、Firstly check whether […]

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