Leveraging Intel® Rack Scale Design  and the Scorpio specifications, Inspur’s InCloudRack modular design combines centralized power, cooling, and management into a rack level converged infrastructure that revolutionizes how modern data centers and cloud environment can be built. The innovative design of InCloud Rack offers modern data centers and cloud environments fast deployment time to reduce time to market, exceptional serviceability and reliability to minimize down time, and unmatched energy efficiency to reduce cost, leading to lower TCO and higher ROI.
  • Inspur’s 2nd Rack Scale System
  • Various Nodes Optimized for Different Requirements
  • Distributed Network
  • Enterprise Level Management
  • Cloud Service Manager for IaaS

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InCloudRack is a significant innovative product of integrated architecture, including multiple computing, storage, network resource, and a unified management platform, which is the best architecture of IT platform for the new-generation enterprise.

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Workload Optimization

  • 64 Compute Modules
  • 128 Xeon E5 CPUs
  • 1536 DDR4
  • Great for Enterprise
  • 24 Compute Modules
  • 48 Xeon E5 CPUs
  • 24 Storage Modules
  • 336 HDD/SSDs
  • Great for VM, Hadoop
  • 24 Compute Modules
  • 48 Xeon E5 CPUs
  • 24 PCIe Modules
  • 48 GPU/MICs
  • Great for HPC
  • 24 Compute Modules
  • 48 Xeon E7 CPUs
  • 1152 DDR4
  • Great for VM, database
All in One
  • Different types of server modules can fit into the same rack depending on application requirements

A Rack Scale System
Optimized for Private Cloud

Optimized for Enterprise IT environment

  • Run commercial software smoothly
  • For both scale-up and scale-out architecture
  • Mixed network

Hardware design

  • Focus on MTBF
  • Rich RAS features
  • 99.99%~99.999% hardware availability
  • Compatible with multiple applications
  • Mix different type of nodes in one rack

Various Nodes Fit Different Requirements

  • (2)PCie x 16 Slot
    (2)PCie x 8 Slot
    (2)GPU/MIC Support
    Half Width

  • SAS interface
    SAS3.0 12Gb/s
    (12)2.5’Hot Plug
    Half Width

  • (2)Xeon E7-48/8800 v3
    Intel C600
    (48)2133Mhz DDR4 RDIMM/LRDIMM
    (4)2.5’Hot Plug
    (2)Managerment Ports
    (4)1G LOM
    (2)Mezz PCie x 16
    (2)Mezz PCie x 8
    Full Width

  • (2)Xeon E5-2600 v3
    Intel C600
    (24)2133Mhz DDR4 RDIMM/LRDIMM
    (2)2.5’Hot Plug
    (2)Managerment Ports
    (4)1G LOM
    (2)Mezz PCie x 16
    (2)Expanxion PCie x 16
    Haif Width

Press release on Inspur’s InCloudRack and Intel® Rack Scale Design here.
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