Inspur Rack Scale Server SR4.5

Inspur Rack Scale Server SR4.5

Architecting for Hyper Scale

Inspur Rack Scale Server SR4.5
for Hyper Scale Datacenter

  • In 2010, Inspur was the first to work on Project Scorpio design and prototype with Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent (the BAT companies). Scorpio design specifications V1.0 formally released to market in February 2012. Inspur Rack Scale Server SR4.5, designed based on Scorpio specification V3.0, started mass production deployment in December 2012. Today, Inspur is the leading supplier for Project Scorpio.
  • With Inspur global business expanding into more than 85 countries and regions, Inspur is the choice for your worldwide Datacenter Deployment.

Inspur’s 1st Rack Scale System – Inspur Rack Scale Server SR4.5

Designed based on Scorpio Standards

Centralized Power

Centralized Cooling

Centralized Management

High-density Compute

High-performance Storage

Co-processing Acceleration

Design Benefits

Modular Design – No legacy Burden
  • Centralized Power, Cooling and Management at Rack Level=Low TCO, High Efficiency
  • 6 modular sub-systems: Rack, Node, Fan, Power, Management, Network
  • Efficient power system: PUE of 1.3 to 1.5
  • Flexible rack configuration with different types of nodes for multiple applications.
  • Choose the number of power supplies and fans optimized for the rack configuration.
Designed at the Data Center Level – Efficient Infrastructure
  • Front I/O
  • Tool-Less design
  • Strict hot aisle containment: Cold air comes from front and hot air exhausts from rear.
Datacenter Deployment Efficiency – Whole Rack Delivery
  • RMC centralized management, monitoring, inspection functions greatly enhance deployment efficiency.
  • Traditional server standard deployment is 300 nodes/day
  • Inspur Rack Scale Server SR4.5 standard deployment is 60~105 Rack/day, or up to 5000 nodes/day.
  • Inspur Rack Scale Server SR4.5 deployment efficiency is 16+ times higher.





Lower Failure

The Inspur Rack Scale Server SR4.5 Overview

High-density, Low Power Consumption, Modularized Intelligent Rack Server.

Inspur Rack Scale Server SR4.5 Front

Back of the Inspur Rack Scale Server SR4.5 :
Hot Swap Fans for Centralized Cooling

Inspur Rack Scale Server SR4.5  can use the same node configuration cluster (i.e. for massive data storage or Hadoop Cluster, Cloud resources pools), or mix of different types of nodes in same Rack to enable running multiple applications in the same Rack (i.e., web server, application server, file server, GPU server, storage server).

Power Shelf: Centralized Power
RMC: Centralized Intelligent Monitoring and Management

Inspur Rack Scale Server SR4.5 Layout

  • Customizable Power Bank Configurations. Standard Configuration for USA Datacenters: 2500W, 5+1 redundant, Max 12.5KW with dual power feeds.
  • Power efficiency ≥93%
  • 21” inner width
  • 24”(W)x47”(D)x83”(H) for 42U or 91”(H) for 46U
  • RMC for monitoring of power/fans/node status, policy alarm at rack level.

Various Nodes Fit Different Requirements

  • NEW SR-AI Rack (ODCC SR Rack)

  • SN3116J4

  • SN6120M4

  • SN6126M4

  • SN6115M4

  • SN6184M4

  • SN3116M4

  • SN6126M4

  • SN6116M4

Operate in
High Humidity Environments

Optional upgrade for any Inspur Rack Scale Server SR4.5 node:
  • Military-grade coating
  • Steady operation at 45°C temperature
  • Steady operation in high humidity environments/corrosion resistant
  • Save 30% in data center TCO
  • Enable ambient air cooling in data center.
  • High temperature application.
  • High humidity application.

Workload Optimization

  • 3U for Power Shelf 12.5KW
  • 4U for Data Switches
  • 2U for Mgmt Switch
  • 1U Blank
  • 36U for 1U2Nodes
  • 72 Compute Modules
  • 144 CPUs
  • Great for HPC
  • 3U for Power Shelf 12.5KW
  • 2U for Data Switches
  • 1U for Mgmt Switch
  • 40U for Balance Nodes
  • 80 CPUs + 480 Disks
  • Great for OpenStack、Hadoop
  • 3U for Power Shelf 12.5KW
  • 2U for Data Switches
  • 1U for Mgmt Switch
  • 40U for Storage Nodes
  • 40 CPUs + 720 Disks
  • Great for Cold Storage
All in One
  • All types of sever nodes can fit into the same rack based on application requirements
  • Sample Customization Rack
  • 12U for 4 Power Shelves
  • 50KW Dual Feeds
  • 2U for switches
  • 32U for 1U4GPU Nodes
  • Great for GPU Rack for Oil Exploration, Financial Modeling

Inspur Rack Scale Server SR4.5 Product Delivery

Fully Integrated Inspur Rack Scale Server SR4.5 :
  • Servers/Storage/Switches
  • Networking is pre-cabled to spec
  • 42 hrs of full rack stress testing and burn in
  • Total turnkey solution for your Data Center

* Inspur Rack Scale Server SR4.5 is rolled directly into the data center, and you’re ready for production in less than an hour.

Case Studies

  • Alibaba


    E-commerce giant, Alibaba, is currently topping the list as one of the world’s biggest companies with a market value of over 205.1 billion US Dollars. It has also announced a retail sales turnover exceeding the amount of 350 billion US Dollars. Alibaba was also the world’s first e-commerce site to boast over 6 million traders. It debuted at the New York Stock Exchange with an IPO of 25 billion US Dollars; a record that shattered all previous offerings.

  • Baidu


    Baidu, Inc. was established in 2000. It has, since then, become the largest Chinese search engine. The company boasts a reach of over 629 million users in 138 countries, worldwide. It is estimated that Baidu handles around 60 million searches on a daily basis. The sheer size of the operation resulted in Baidu in being the first Chinese company to be included in the NASDAQ-100 index. This company is responsible for providing an index of over 760 million web pages, 80 million pictures, and 10 million multimedia content.

  • 12306


    China Railway is the national railway operator for the people of China. It provides all transport for rail commuters and freight. The total rail coverage consists of about 121,000 km. China Railway is responsible for all aspects of passage across the country including special transport, disaster relief, and daily commutes. It is also the authority for all development and construction of any new railway roads. In 2014, China Railway made over 2.357 billion passenger trips, making it one of the busiest transport modes in the world.

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