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Inspur is committed to the Open Data Center community

Industry adoption of Open Data Center Product Solutions is rapidly growing as the next generation cloud data center stresses on efficient data center designs for scalable computing in form of workload optimized servers. Inspur’s innovative data center & cloud technology product offerings target efficiency, high-performance and flexibility thereby complementing the goals of open computing initiatives. Designs deploying Inspur technology offerings are optimized for total cost of ownership (TCO) and complexity that are essential key requirements for scalable computing designs.

Inspur participates in all Open Data Center Projects, which include OCP (started by Facebook), OCS (contributed to OCP by Microsoft), ODCC (started by Alibaba, Baidu, and Tencent), Open19 (started by Linkedin), Intel RSD (open standards for Software Defined Data Center), and OpenPOWER (organized by IBM). Inspur also leads in contributions to Open Software Projects, including OpenStack and CEPH.

Our years of experience working with customers to build and run cloud-scale datacenters provides us a unique perspective on how to help them transform their own infrastructure to manage hyper-scale workloads.

Inspur is a proud member of:

OCP Platinum
Intel RSD
Microsoft OCS
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