4U/4-Way NF8480M4 Enterprise Rackmount Server

Key Features:
  • 4×E7-4800v3/8800v3
  • 96DIMM
  • 8×2.5" SAS/SATA/SSD Hot Swap
  • 4×1Gb
  • 14 PCI-E:  CPU1 supports 2×16 (FHFL), CPU3 supports 2 x8 in x16 (FHFL) + 2×8 (FHFL), CPU2 supports 2 x8 in x16 (FHFL) + 2×8 (FHFL), CPU0 supports 1 x8 in x16 (FHFL) + 1×8 low profile. CPU0 supports one dedicated slot for RAID card, CPU1 supports one dedicated slot for PCI-e Switch.

Downloadable Resources:
Driver Data Sheets


NF8480M4 is an industry leading 4U 4-socket server based on the Intel ® E7-8800/4800 v3 computing platform with unmatched computing capacity and excellent Energy Efficient Ratio. Powered by the latest Intel ® Xeon® processor E7-8800/4800 v3 product family, this flagship 4-socket server encompasses outstanding in-system computing capacity, scalability, flexibility and RAS features within a 4U form factor. The system is an ideal platform for large-scale database, ERP, CRM, big data, high performance computing and virtualization integration, and other mainstream applications.


High Performance

Based on the latest Intel ®Xeon ®E7-8800/4800 v3 series processors, NF8480M4 supports up to 72 computing cores, 144 computing threads, significantly improve the processing power over the previous server generation.
Support 8-channel 12G SAS RAID controllers, doubling the data transfer rate and bandwidth over 6Gb/s products.
Support up to four 2.5-inch PCI-E SSD with NVMe interface. This increases system I/O capacity lower data trasfer latency significantly and simplify system maintenance, providing high performance storage tiering capability.
Come with integrated 4 x 1GbE network adapters, which satisfy the demanding requirement of most virtualization applications.

Highly Scalability

System can accommodate up to 96 DIMMs with a maximum of 6TB of main memory. The memory subsystem implements advanced RAS features such as memory interleaving, hot-swapping, memory mirroring, hot sparing and more, providing excellent memory and system reliability.
Support up to 14 hot-swap PCI-E 3.0 slots, including 2 MIC or GPU coprocessor capacity, providing ability to meet future enterprise-level application demands.

Highly Availability

All the key components, including memory, power supplies, system fans have bilt in redundancy. Hard drives and add-on PCI-E expansion cards are hot-swappable. These features help to maximize system uptime and enhance system availability.
The fully moduler and tool-less design of the system makes servicing the system quick and easy, allowing fast recovery time in the case of component swap out.
Support multiple server management style:

  • Front panel OLED display configurable to monitor power and memory fault status
  • Inspur Server Management Suite providing comprehensive remote system monitoring, maintenace, management and control
  • Dedicated management port with standard IMPI 2.0 support for customized management

This allows the system to be management easily and proactively. Couple with it’s high serviceability, higher system uptime can be achieved.

Target Customers:

NF8480M4 is an excellent choice for business-criticle applications in the fields of government, telecommunication, financial sectors and various large-scale enterprises, who have higher demands for system performance, scalability and stability.


  • Virtualization integration and consolidation of large-scale data center
  • Middleware application for large-scale application software
  • Large-scale single instance database application
  • Big Data Analytics
  • OLTP


Model NF8480M4
Processor Up to 4 Intel ® Xeon ® E7-8800/4800 v3 processors
Chipset Intel® C602
Memory Up to 96 DIMMs (8 memory boards, each with 12 DIMMs) , expandable to 6TB memory
Hard Disk Controller PCIe Add-on SAS HBA or SAS Raid card, support SAS 12Gb/s
RAID Level 1/0/10/5/50/6/60, 1GB/2GB/4GB cache
Storage Up to 8 x 2.5” hot-swap SAS/SATA/SSD, including support for 4 NVMe SSD
2 x mSATA SSD and 1 x SD card slot
I/O Expansions Basic IO module
2 PCI-E slots
Extension IO module:
10 PCI-E slots, including 2 hot-swap slots
Storage or control module:
2 x PCI-E slots for HBA/RAID
Integrated I/O Ports Front: 2 USB ports, 1 RJ45 serial port
Rear: VGA port, 2 USB ports, 1 serial port
Network Controller 4 x 1GbE ports – support WOL, network redundancy, load balancing, and other advanced network features; 1 x 1GbE dedicated management port
Power Supply Up to 4 x 800W PSUs, optional 2+1, 2+2 or 3+1 redundancy
Graphics Card Integrates a display controller with 64MB video memory
Floppy Disk Drive 1 virtual floppy drive via USB port (standard configuration)
Systmes Management Inspur Server Management Suite
Advanced Inspur server management module
Remote management and remote diagnosis
Operating Systems Microsoft Windows 2008/2012 R2
Redhat Linux Enterprise server 6.4
CentOS Linux 6.4
Suse Linux 11 Enterprise server
Oracle Solaris 11
VMware ESXi 5.1/5.5
K-UX X86 64bit
Operating system versions are different under different configuration.Please consult Inspur for details 
Supported Environment 5℃~35℃
Voltage Supported 100-240VAC
Chassis Dimensions 177mm x 440mm x 780mm or 7” x 17.3” x 30.7” (HxWxD)
Weight 50kg or 110lbs
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