Open Platforms based on Open19

Server to rack level systems on traditional 19” hardware standard

Key Features:
  • Modular “brick” building blocks
  • Powered by Intel Xeon Scalable processors
  • Compute, storage and GPU capabilities on open hardware


Open19 platform, the latest addition to the open hardware community, is bringing open standards to the traditional, 19-inch data center form factor. As a leading provider of cutting-edge computing solutions, Inspur is naturally invested in this initiative to create new possibilities in the most egalitarian hardware standard.

In developing open platforms based on this common server form factor, Inspur hopes to serve a broad range of users and operators and help them to speed their adoption of open designs with minimal disruption to their existing infrastructure.


The Open19 Standard

The Open19 platform is based on standard building blocks with the following specifications:

  • Standard 19-inch 4 post rack
  • “Brick” cage
  • Brick (B), Double Brick (DB), Double High Brick (DHB)
  • Power shelf-12 volt distribution, OTS power modules
  • Optional Battery Backup Unit (BBU)
  • Optional Networking switch (ToR)
  • Snap-on power cables/PCB-200-250 watts per brick
  • Snap-on data cables—up to 100G per brick
  • Provides linear growth on power and bandwidth based on brick size


Inspur Open19 Products & Solutions

lnspur Open19 Bricks

Each 1 Rack Unit (RU) can accommodate 2 Bricks or 1 Double Brick. A Double High Brick takes up 2RU space. lnspur’s first generation bricks include

  • Brick – Dual-socket Skylake based Compute Bricks
  • Double Brick – Dual-socket Skylake based Storage Server Bricks Double High Brick
  • Storage and GPU Bricks
Model Storage PCle Expansions Chassis
Brick (B) – Multiple SKUs 2* SSD/HDD TBD 8-12U Brick Cage

Double Brick (DB) – Multiple SKUs 6, 8 or 12* hot-swap HDD/SSD/NVMe TBD 8-12U Brick Cage
  Double High Brick (DHB) – Multiple SKUs Flexible storage systems for HHD/ SSD/Flash or GPU system TBD 8-12U Brick Cage

Rack Level Solution

As a total solutions provider, lnspur will also offer its own Open19 compliant rack system that includes Open19 Brick Cages, 12V power shelves with optional BBU, and accessories, providing customers with fully integrated rack level Open19 platforms that are ready to roll into any data center and go.


Rack System Basic Composition:

Model Open 19
Dimensions Standard EIA 19″ 4 post rack
Power Shelf 12VDC output
Connections Snap-on power and data cables/PCB
Brick Cage 8-12 RU
Networking TOR Switches
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