TS860G3 8U
8-Way High Performance Servers

SAP Certified Hardware for SAP HANA R
TS860G3 is the third generation of Inspur’s industry leading 8-way high performance server. The Intel Xeon processor based server embodies leading edge high speed interconnects technology in its design. It includes more than 60 RAS features with unmatched reliability that reaches 99.999%. Inspur’s TS860G3 is the most powerful 8-way server on the market to date, with remarkable reliability. It is the server of choice for mission critical applications and industries such as finance, telecom, government, energy, transportation, etc. where performance and reliability is critically important.
  • 8×E7-4800v3 8800v3
  • 192 DIMM
  • 16×2.5” SAS/SATA/SSD Hot Swap
  • 4×1Gb
  • 26 PCI-E
  • Tested and Certified OS:
    – Suse Linux Enterprise Server 11
    – Centos 6.4
    – Solaris 11
    – VMWare ESXi Server 5.5
Mission Critical Enterprise Server
Inspur TS860G3

New-generation High-End 8-way server

– Industry leading high-speed interconnect design, support the highest specifications and have over 60 RAS features with reliability up to 99.999%

– Powerful performance, stable and reliable

– Support core applications in key industries such as finance, telecom, government, energy and transportation

8u_s3_img– Inspur TS860 can be flexibly configured into two sets of physically isolated 4-way servers, and can be set up in HA mode.

– As an upgrade path, customers can configure the two sets into a single set of 8-way server to protect their investment.



  • Highest performance for virtual machine applications
  • Support widely used virtualization software such as VMware, Citrix, Inspur iVirtual
  • Easy maintenance, power and space efficient, cost effective, and designed to deliver unmatched TCO


  • Rank #1 in TPC performance test
  • Leverage the same reliability and quality design principles of Inspur K1 Super Computer
  • Suitable for the most popular database applications
  • Support Oracle, DB2, K DB…
  • SAP HANA solution

Business Intelligence Analytics

  • Ideal platform for High Performance Big Data Applications
  • Inspur In-Cloud all-in-one System for Big Data
  • Built to support the most complex Business Analytics

High-performance Compute

  • Can be used as single fat node or multi-node system
  • Optimized for in-memory applications with up to 12TB DRAM
  • Support GPU acceleration and high-speed IB interconnect
Stable and Reliable
—Static Hardware Partition

Complete physical isolation of compute module, storage module, I/O module, UI module, management module, air flow/cooling design.

Complete physical hardware dual partitions allows for 2x 4-way fully independent nodes either as independent nodes or as HA nodes

Ease of Management——RSMS

Complete physical isolation of compute module, storage module, I/O module, UI module, management module, air flow/cooling design.


Dynamic workload indicator

Ease of Management——TSMC System

High-end features from K1 system

Massive monitoring with nearly 500 sensors consists of monitor network for real-time monitoring




Light path status display

System administer can be notified about system status in multiple ways.

Remote interface
Stable and Reliable
—Power Supply System

Reduce TCO-Energy Saving and Power Optimization

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