Key Features

ClusterEngine is the cluster management software, developed by Inspur, provides the comprehensive management service for HPC cluster, with its functions including hardware monitoring, job scheduling, HPC application management, and user account maintenance. ClusterEngine delivers the visual mode for users, to maximise system resource utilization.



Key Features

TEYE is a HPC application feature analysis software, to extract the resource utilization information of large scale HPC cluster system, and feedback application feature in real time. TEYE exploits the potential computing capability of the application for bottleneck diagnosis, algorithm and parallel efficiency improvement. System resource optimization and computing performance improvement are top priority for TEYE.



Key Features
  • Leading technical interconnection equipment
  • Diversified and flexible node options
  • Upward scalability to adapt to the future
  • Easy management and extensive applications
  • Open and generic computing platform

8-Way System

Key Features
  • 8×E7-4800v3 8800v3
  • 192 DIMM
  • 16×2.5” SAS/SATA/SSD Hot Swap
  • 4×1Gb
  • 26 PCI-E
  • Tested and Certified OS:
    – Suse Linux Enterprise Server 11
    – Centos 6.4
    – Solaris 11
    – VMWare ESXi Server 5.5

Inspur NX5440M4

Key Features
  • Support 2 Intel® Xeon® processors E5-2600 v3 series
  • 8 memory slots; memory can be expanded to 256GB at the maximum (when a single memory bank has a capacity of 32GB) Support advanced memory error correction, memory mirroring, memory hot backup and other advanced features
  • Plate-mounted disk controller
  • Support RAID 0/1
  • Support 2 hot-plug 2.5” SATA interface harddisk or solid-state disk at the maximum

2U NF5280M4 Enterprise Rackmount Server

Key Features
  • 2×E5-2600v3 or v4
  • 24DIMM
  • 12×3.5″ SAS/SATA Hot Swap Expander Backplane
    or 24×2.5″ SAS/SATA/SSD Hot Swap Direct Attached BP
    or 25×2.5″ SAS/SATA/SSD Hot Swap Expander Backplane
  • Optional 2×2.5″ or 4×2.5″ HDDs(Rear)
  • Onboard 2×1Gb
  • PCI-e slots:  CPU0 supports 3x PCI-Ex8 or 1x PCI-Ex16 + 1x PCI-Ex8; CPU1 supports 3x PCI-Ex8 or 1x PCI-Ex16 + 1x PCI-Ex8, also 1x PCI-Ex8 for network card only FLOM
  • Support up to 2 GPU cards (K20 and K40 tested and approved)
  • Complete tool-less maintenance
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