AI & Deep Learning Solutions

Data-driven, intelligent computing has permeated every corner of modern life from smart home systems to autonomous driving. Prepare your data center for the business and performance demands of this rapidly growing field.

AI Servers & Solutions for the Hyperscale Data Center

In the era of intelligent computing, Inspur is one of the world’s leading hardware innovators and solutions providers for AI and deep learning applications. We are developing better, smarter end-to-end solutions that help businesses leverage and tackle high performance workloads in the data center.

Inspur Full-Stack AI Capabilities

Inspur offers a comprehensive full-stack of AI capabilities that spans the full range of application, framework, management and hardware platforms, to meet the depth and breadth of our customers’ needs.

Full-stack AI capabilities from inference and training servers to software framework to management.

Inspur AI platforms for training and inferencing leverage parallel and storage acceleration technology to deliver the utmost performance, speed, and efficiency for demanding AI applications.


Inspur optimizes and innovates on various different deep learning frameworks to maximize performance, flexibility, reliability and scalability in parallel processing for training and inference.


Inspur’s management systems enable users to dynamically allocate system resources for intensive deep learning applications, maintain oversight and make adjustments in real time.

Leading AI Platform Provider

Global Top 3 Provider

One of the world's 3 largest server and solutions vendors

Leading AI in China

Dominates China's AI industry with 57% market share

Serving Major Global CSPs

Fulfills 90% AI server demand for Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent

Select Partner for FPGA

Chosen AI partner by Tencent, Alibaba for FPGA projects

Applications Empowered by Inspur AI

AI verticals: image recognition, voice recognition, smart home, autonomous driving, rideshare, big data analytics, smart logistics, life sciences

Inspur AI Use Cases

Industry: ISP

Inspur and Baidu developed an end-to-end facial recognition solution “ABC”, optimizing Baidu’s deep learning framework and cloud management technology on Inspur’s leading AI hardware.

End-to-end solution:
Turnkey solution with integrated hardware and software

Baidu’s deep learning framework and cloud management:
Covers both training and inference requirements, providing value-added services on demand

Inspur’s leading AI platform:
Multiple hardware options and flexible configurations

Baidu Cloud use case: empowering Baidu AI deep learning and cloud software framework with Inspur's AI server

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