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AI heavyweight AGX-5 boldly takes us to new AI frontiers

AI heavyweight AGX-5 boldly takes us to new AI frontiers

At the 2018 Artificial Intelligence Computing Conference, Inspur announced the AI ​​super-server AGX-5: with performance reaching up to 2 teraflops per second, it is arguably one of the most powerful AI computing servers in the world to date.

Inspur AGX-5 is equipped with 16 of the most powerful NVIDIA Tesla V100 Tensor Core 32GB GPUs, which will support the next generation of even more powerful GPU accelerators, providing 2 PFlops with powerful stand-alone AI computing performance. Compared against previous models it supports a 4x ultra-large-scale deep neural network model and a 10x improvement in training speed.

The Inspur AGX-5 uses the industry’s most advanced NVIDIA NVSwitch interconnect fabric, based on NVIDIA’s latest HGX-2 platform, to enable 48-channel, 2.4TB/s full-chip cluster high-speed interconnect and 512GB HBM2 global shared ultra-fast graphics cache, providing near linear AI performance ratio. In addition, the Inspur AGX-5 features two 28-core powerful CPUs that provide top-of-the-line general-purpose computing performance, 6 TB of persistent memory for high-speed data access, and a symmetric balanced design that supports dual physical partitions.

Recognizing that AI is a potent, growing industry opportunity, it is tantamount for intelligent enterprises to achieve faster and more efficient AI business innovation. The AGX-5 packs 16 high-speed NVSwitch non-blocking interconnected Tesla V100 Tensor Core GPUs and next-gen GPU accelerators in a single machine, offering massively improved computing performance, chip interconnection, and data throughput. It will no doubt provide a tidal wave of computing power to help catalyze unprecedented acceleration of AI development in commercial and research entities.

Having provided solutions to major AI companies in fields like ride service, logistics, autonomous driving, search engine acceleration, and smart home, Inspur hopes the AGX-5 can help many other budding AI enterprises grasp the opportunities presented by the intelligent era.

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