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Catch us at OCP Global Summit 2019!

Inspur is going to the OCP Global Summit 2019, the biggest conference in open data center technology, next month in San Jose. Come say hi and check out all the cool new tech we’re bringing to share with the OCP community!

New innovations for OCP

This year we’re exploring new avenues to enable open infrastructure benefits in broader applications:

  1. Dynamic AI solutions for the open data center
  2. High-density cloud optimized platforms
  3. Rack management and open RMC software for OCP

See our solutions showcase + presentations

We’re setting up shop at booth #C5 and displaying a comprehensive array of products and solutions that are optimized to address AI, cloud, composable infrastructure, and rack management in the open data center.

Throughout the 2-day conference, we also have tons of speaking sessions and workshops where you can learn, discuss, and see first-hand our latest findings and insights on open technology. You can see our detailed schedule here.

About the OCP Global Summit

The annual OCP Summit is the world’s biggest open technology conference and draws executives, engineers, developers and suppliers from all over the open hardware ecosystem. It features insights from industry leaders, product news and announcements, and an expo of the latest OCP hardware and software offerings.

This year’s theme “Open. Together” focuses on the OCP community of
people, companies, and organizations collaborating to meet the challenges brought on by the worldwide demand for cloud computing.

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