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Lean, mean, and green: a look inside Inspur’s energy-efficient M6 4-socket server

Just how massive is the energy consumption of data centers? According to statistics, the total annual power consumption of global data centers is about to reach 300 billion kilowatt-hours, which is equivalent to the annual power generation of 30 nuclear power plants. With the continuous development of computing technology and growing reliance on cloud services, the hyperscale data center is becoming the new normal. Tencent’s data center: 1 million servers. Alibaba Cloud: three million. AWS: over 1.4 million. Google: over 2.5 million. As servers account for 40%-50% of the total energy consumption in the data center, it is of increasing importance to develop server innovations that maximize power efficiency without sacrificing performance and reliability.

A single unit saves nearly 1,000 kWh of electricity
Precise fault detection and intelligent regulation at the component level

Inspur’s latest M6 four-socket server is equipped with advanced intelligent control technology that accurately monitors component level power consumption, automatically detecting component operating status and resource usage according to business load. The server then minimizes server power consumption by dynamically adjusting the server running status, supplying power based on usage and need.

NF8260M6 for example uses the intelligent control technology to switch the server’s power supply, processor, fan and other components to the lowest “gear” – the operational state with the lowest power consumption – without affecting performance. A single server using intelligent control technology can save nearly 1,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity a year; scaled to a million-unit data center, that is almost 1 billion kilowatt-hours of power savings.

High performance and low power consumption
Advanced design and intelligent management at the system level

Additionally, the Inspur M6 four-socket server effectively improves heat dissipation efficiency by utilizing a series of innovative system designs, like an anti-reflux air duct, T-shaped radiator, and integrated fan wall. An optimized air inlet temperature detection mechanism and PID intelligent temperature control reduces heat transmission lag by adapting nimbly to ambient temperature and workload. Energy-saving fan speed regulation and precise air supply enables the appropriate cooling load, which is further lowered by the minimal air-resistance layout of the hardware. All these features culminate to a 6% increase in energy savings and consumption reduction compared with the previous generation.

The Inspur M6 four-way server is compatible with the latest version of the Inspur Physical Infrastructure Management Platform (ISPIM), which features an intelligent power capping function that nimbly and accurately throttles power consumption based on workload. This effectively improves power supply efficiency, increases cabinet density, and reduces maintenance cost. It can also eliminate the risks of insufficient heat dissipation and power supply under abnormal conditions, such as air-conditioning failures and sudden increases in business volume, to improve operational reliability.

In addition, ISPIM can also provide a variety of energy optimization analyses for cooling, server utilization, server power consumption, and load distribution. It provides predictive insights on power consumption to support more efficient operation and maintenance of the data center.

With the increasing number and scale of data centers, lowering energy consumption on the server level is not only important for reducing business operating costs, but also critical to the fight against climate change. The new generation of M6 four-socket servers are Inspur’s latest example of advanced, innovative, efficiency-focused hardware design to help users build low-impact “green” data centers that can take on today’s business challenges.

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