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Inspur Expands Open Compute Offerings with Four Newly-Certified OCP Inspired™ Open Server Products

Inspur announced today at the 2022 OCP Global Summit it is showcasing four recently Open Compute Project (OCP) certified systems. The OCP Inspired™ products include three General-Purpose (GP) Enterprise servers, namely the Inspur NF5180M6, NF5280A6, and NF5280R6, and one high-density cloud-optimized system called Inspur NF8260M6. Of the newly certified products, NF5180M6 and NF8260M6 are currently available on the OCP Marketplace. Inspur continues to promote the data center sustainability, accelerating the adoption of open computing from computing to storage.

NF5180M6 is powered by 3rd generation Intel Xeon Intel® Xeon®, a mainstream 1U 2-socket platform providing performance, flexibility and reliability for not only cloud Tier 1 service providers but also enterprise customers.  NF5280A6 is a high-end dual-socket server that uses the 3rd Gen AMD® EPYCTM Processors, fulfilling a variety of complicated workloads such as data analysis and processing, cloud, and high-performance computing. NF5280R6 is a high-end dual-socket server featuring the Ampere® Altra® and Ampere® Altra® Max processors, addressing multiple workloads such as cloud container deployment, Android cloud games, and big data.  Contributing GP-Enterprise servers across all three different platforms will help accelerate adoption of the open compute technologies by our customers.

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