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Inspur developing cloud-scale open hardware based on Microsoft’s Project Olympus

by Lang Wong, Director of Engineering, Cloud Service Providers, Intel
& Jack Ma, VP of Product and Marketing, Inspur Systems Inc.

Inspur is in development on an open server project based on Microsoft’s Project Olympus specifications.

Microsoft’s Project Olympus is the de facto next generation open source cloud hardware design developed in collaboration with the Open Compute Project community. It enables a variety of cloud applications deployed at scale in Microsoft Azure, providing a modular and flexible open compute standard for cloud workloads in the current open ecosystem.

Inspur’s venture with Microsoft’s Project Olympus is a high performance 4-socket server based on the latest Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor platform that provides significant boosts and benefits over dual socket servers. It houses powerful yet flexible configurations that deliver greater compute power in the same chassis for multi-purpose applications. It boasts improved flexibility and expandability for GPU, FPGA, and NVME for memory intensive applications. Increased efficiency converts to greater savings in power, cooling, and cost over interconnect than dual socket servers.

With its ability to address the extreme scale and speed of cloud workloads, Microsoft’s Project Olympus leads the charge on open innovations for the hyperscale cloud. By collaborating on this model Inspur hopes to develop and contribute more cloud-scale open hardware options for the OCP and larger open computing community.

Inspur is showcasing the solutions compatible with Microsoft’s Project Olympus, among its lineup of new open hardware, at the 2018 OCP Summit on March 20 through 21 at booth #A16.

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