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The sudden and far-reaching impact of the global coronavirus crisis is being felt all across the technology landscape. This year’s OCP Global Summit is just one of many conferences to cancel as organizations and individuals alike grapple with a major paradigm shift: the physical space is no longer accessible.

In response, many have found nimble, innovative ways around this challenge. Since the event’s cancellation, the OCP Foundation has retooled the conference to take place in the form of an interactive virtual experience on May 12. The year’s most important event for open computing is still happening, albeit a bit later and entirely online. It is also free to attend — register here.

The OCP Foundation, Inspur and all other participating companies are working hard to bring to the open community all the technology updates and innovations originally meant for a physical exhibit. As planned, Inspur will showcase total open compute solutions including new innovations in AI, cloud computing, storage, and networking through OCP Virtual’s unique virtual portal. We will also be sharing new open technology insights through a series of keynotes, sessions and demos over the 3 days of the summit.

Virtual Keynote, Sessions, and Workshops

May 12


Summit Keynote

Adopt Compute, AI, Storage and Total Solutions

Alan Chang, Inspur Deputy GM & Sr. Director of Server Product Line


Summit Keynote

A New Multi-Industry Collaboration for an Open Storage Platform

Jongyoul Lee, Samsung Software Development Team Leader
with Alan Chang, Inspur Deputy GM & Sr. Director of Server Product Line


Expo Hall Session

Innovation in Open Storage Solutions

Alan Chang, Inspur Deputy GM & Sr. Director of Server Product Line


Engineering Workshop

OAM Reference Systems Joint Review

YJ Huang, Inspur Development Manager, and others

May 13


Engineering Workshop

OCP OpenRMC Joint Overview and Update

Han Wang, Inspur Senior Architect, with John Leung, Intel Principal Engineer


Executive Track Session

From OCP Hardware to OCP Total Solution

Yinan Liu, Inspur Customer Program Manager

Learn more about OCP Virtual at the OCP Summit official website.


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