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Serve The Home tours the Inspur Intelligent Factory

The team at Serve The Home, led by Patrick Kennedy, recently had a tour of the Inspur Intelligent Factory in Jinan to personally see the facility’s advanced manufacturing capabilities and systems, all covered in great detail in this comprehensive STH article.

Key highlights from the tour that the team found notable:

Efficiency through Automation

The team remarked on the high levels of automation in the facility that significantly increase efficiency, reliability and product quality.

The factory utilizes a variety of robots to do tasks which require repetition, precision, or intense labor. There are robots that select and move materials throughout the warehouse, increasing the efficiency of sorting and verifying parts to reduce an hours-long process down to minutes. Other robots carry and place completed nodes into carrier fixtures to be safely transported to rack assembly. In rack assembly, a legion of laser-guided robots install, assemble, carry, and transport entire racks.

Innovation’s in the Details

Employees are encouraged to suggest, design, and build tools that aid the server building process. One such purpose-built tool allows one to securely press memory DIMMs into a motherboard without having to directly touch the modules, which makes an unergonomic task much easier to do. By letting employees assume agency over their tools, the organization improves not only efficiency but also employee comfort in a labor-intensive environment.

Rigorous Quality Assurance

A 2000 square meter (that’s about 21,530 square feet) burn-in area has eight separate rooms where racks are tested in varying temperatures, humidity, and power sources that simulate different operating environments. Inspur also uses machine learning algorithms to better identify defective components and predict risk of field failures, all in service of ensuring the delivery of reliable and operable racks to customers.

Below is an overview video that summarizes the tour.

The article documents the tour in much greater detail and includes several more videos that give a closer look at all the processes. Check it out on the STH website.

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