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Smash hit OCP China Day 2019 rolls out huge updates to open compute technology

As a longtime advocate for open infrastructure and key member in many open communities, Inspur had the honor of hosting OCP China Day, the OCP Foundation’s regional summit on June 25 in Beijing. The conference attracted nearly a thousand attendees, with 200,000 more viewers tuning in to the event via live-stream. Engineers and data center operators gathered from all over the world to learn new open technology developments in edge computing, AI, and telco, and experience keynotes by senior technical experts from industry titans like Facebook, LinkedIn, Intel, Microsoft, Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba, and Nokia.

Extensive coverage on the event was written up by OCP’s Dirk Van Slyke, the highlights of which are summarized below. Dirk’s piece can be read in full here at the OCP Foundation official blog.

See summit photos, guest speaker list, and agenda of topics at the OCP China Day event page.

Top Highlights

  • Open Rack 3.0 whole rack architectural specification with more power, efficiency, and new liquid cooling
  • new Open Accelerator Infrastructure (OAI) group dedicated to integrating AI with OCP
  • new Open Edge Subgroup to develop open standards for edge computing
    • Nokia contributed Open Edge Chassis Specification v1.2
    • Inspur contributed 2 edge computing servers
  • next-gen data center management infrastructure
    • Open Firmware Project developing open-source kits and white-box hardware systems for the Open Firmware ecosystem
    • OpenRMC working on integrating OpenBMC and Redfish into a uniform framework
  • Alibaba shared application results of SONiC technology, an open network switch operating system initiated by Microsoft

The overarching theme of this event was one of collaborative unity. Propelled by a real need for a complete, expanded open ecology to serve future applications like 5G and AI in global markets, OCP is increasingly involved with other technology organizations like Linux, OpenStack, and China’s ODCC. From what we can see of the storied list of major guests at the summit, excitement and collaboration over open technologies is at an all time high and continues to pick up speed.

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