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Taking OCP hyperscale with the Inspur OCP rack server solution

Inspur launched at the OCP Regional Summit in Amsterdam a whole slew of OCP building blocks as a part of the standard rack server solution. Optimized for compute, storage, AI and management, the systems’ technical advancements and design attributes deliver hyperscale data center performance at lower CAPEX and OPEX. It is meant to help drive the transformation of traditional data centers to hyperscale data centers based on open infrastructure.

The rack server solution comprises of 3 new compute nodes – high density, high expansion, I/O balance –, a 34-drive storage JBOD, an AI node with configurations for both GPU and FPGA, and a converged Redfish and OpenBMC management. (For more technical details, refer to the press release and the data sheet.) To meet the increasing compute and storage demands driven by emerging applications and evolving business needs, the solution delivers greater functionality via the dynamic pooling, expansion, and allocation of resources, like storage and co-processing functions, through the use of SAS and PCI-E switching technologies.

Jointly announced by Inspur with the OCP Foundation, this solution denotes several things. First is the growth of the project since its inception, its summits now having expanded out of San Jose into international territories. The growth of the OCP initiative has prompted the rush to develop further infrastructure solutions by many partners in the ecosystem, Inspur being one of them. Another note is that OCP is now at the next stage of pushing the movement into wide adoption, and considering implementations for the hyperscale data center. Finally, this solution is a demonstration of Inspur’s core strengths: experience in open platform innovation, complex hardware design expertise, and the deep understanding of a project’s needs through the company’s “joint design manufacturing” model.

Inspur CTO John Hu shared, “Inspur’s vast experience in serving CSPs and our deep understanding of customer application scenarios is augmented by a willingness to share technology and co-design utilizing our joint design manufacture model to identify precise customer needs and achieve customized solutions through rapid innovation and productization. This new Rack Server solution announced with OCP demonstrates Inspur’s commitment to promote industry openness and integration.”

Having found a copilot in each other to bring open source hardware to the next level, Inspur and OCP are going full steam ahead to take open infrastructure into the hyperscale.

On OCP’s partnership with Inspur, Bill Carter, Chief Technology Officer of the OCP Foundation remarked, “Open source hardware is essential to the further advancement of efficient, open and scalable data centers, and Inspur has fully embraced these principles of open sourcing cloud technology with the contribution of its San Jose Motherboard.  They are continuing to support OCP with technology leveraged from servicing hyperscale cloud provider.” He added,We are encouraged by our engagement with Inspur in its new product development—one based upon integrating open computing technology and helping to build a complete open source ecosystem that brings technology and benefits to enterprises and businesses worldwide.”

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