Inspur Testing Validation Engineer

Position Responsibilities:

• Perform System Test using in-house developed and off-the-shelf testing utilities
• Perform routine system or component test or validation.
• Work with partners to validate solutions for a specific test environment
• Develop a test module to validate server related product functionality
• Familiar with the Thermal test, Burnin/Aging Test and Reliability Stress Test environment
• Hands on experience with measurement equipment including Oscilloscope, Power Meter, Current meter, etc.
• Develop and maintain Linux/Windows scripts for test automation to improve accuracy and efficiency
• Able to setup PXE server for different OS installation
• Need to isolate the root cause of the failure
• Validate components for the second source component
• Generate documentation including SOP and report for all test result
• Work closely with various departments for new technology and test requirements
• Provide technical training and support to potential customer and other related departments
• May have other special assignments for some unexpected projects requested by other departments
• May need to travel and work on-site at Customer’s or Vendor’s location for debugging/troubleshooting

Position Requirements:

• Background in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science
• 2 years relevant work experience with server test
• Have sound knowledge and experience of various functional tests and performance check tools for both Linux and Windows
• Good documentation practice
• Experience with system level or component level of failure analysis is preferred
• Good at script programming including Bash, Visual Basic, and WScript scripting experience is preferred
• Knowledge of SQL and Hadoop test is a plus
• Soldering skill is a plus
• Good Team Player, willing to help others
• Be able to work independently with limited instructions
• Good command of English and able to work under pressure in front of US local customers
• Ability to read test instructions in simplified Chinese fonts
• An active learner with the new technology
• Self-motivated, Self-disciplined and Diligent
• Willing to help other short-term unexpected projects
• Traveling may be required


  • Job Location: Fremont, CA, USA
  • Department: System Validation
  • Job Type: Full-time
How to Apply:

To apply, please send your resume to

Thank you!