Case Study

Case Study: 360 Total Security

Massive Cloud Storage to Support Internet Security for a Billion Users

360 Total Security is a Chinese internet security company. It is known for its antivirus software, browser, and app store. There are over 500 million PC users who utilize 360 Total Security security products. There are over 778 million active mobile users that access 360 Total Security. Situated in Beijing, this company made over 1.39 billion US dollars in revenue in 2014. The profits for that year exceeded 222 million.


The total numbers of users that 360 Total Security provides services to exceeds over a billion people. Traditional servers find it difficult to cater to such large volumes of traffic. A system that has to manage so many operations will also require a large number of servers. These servers will add to the total TCO cost. The sheer number of servers, space required for the servers, and the energy required will provide a significant expense to the company.

The amount of data that 360 Total Security has access to also requires a substantial amount of storage space. The combined usage of the 360 Total Security system cannot be accommodated by traditional servers. Their architecture cannot support the volume that the 360 Total Security systems experience.


The Inspur Rack Scale Server SR 4.5 Rackscale Architecture has the capabilities to handle the issues facing the 360 Total Security company. The centralized monitoring management feature of the Inspur Rack Scale Server SR 4.5 server allows the RMC to monitor and manage the different modules of the cabinets in an integrated manner. This ensures optimal production of the system while keeping the whole process efficient and simple.

The TCO costs can be significantly reduced with the introduction of the cooling systems and specific design features of the Inspur Rack Scale Server SR 4.5. This enables the server to use the power more efficiently and to provide a power conversion efficiency of over 94 percent.

The Inspur Rack Scale Server SR 4.5 server is specifically designed to be able to equip massive data storage. This makes it exceptional for requirements for different types of cloud pool storage such as distributed storage and big data processing.


360 Total Security has been able to store enormous quantities of data. Inspur has customized large quantities of cloud service for the company. Inspur has also become an important supporter of 360 Total Security’s cloud disk service. The intervention of the Inspur Rack Scale Server SR 4.5 servers has resulted in 360 Total Security’s TCO being reduced by 20 percent.