About Inspur

Empowering Industry Through Technology

Inspur is a leading data center and cloud computing solutions provider, ranked among the world’s top 3 server vendors. Inspur’s cutting-edge hardware products and designs are widely delivered and deployed in major data centers around the globe, serving important technology arenas like open computing, cloud, AI and deep learning. Inspur works with customers to develop purpose-built, performance-optimized solutions that empower them to tackle different workloads, overcome real-world challenges, and grow their business.

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Key Competencies

We leverage our deep expertise in these key technologies to create a broad portfolio of unique solutions for our customers.


We leverage our innovations in open infrastructure to help you build the most nimble and efficient modern data center for your growing business.


Inspur’s flexible, purpose-built data center building blocks are optimized for a variety of different workloads to fulfill our customers’ specific needs.


Powered by rigorous R&D, our full-stack intelligent computing solutions deliver the power and speed you need to tackle demanding AI applications.

Serving Customers Worldwide

Our eight strategic locations in major global regions enable us to reach our customers all over the world.

Inspur has major manufacturing, deployment and service sites in strategic US, EMEA, and APAC regions to serve global customers.


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