FPGA-based WebP Image Processing

Critical Challenge

Major global CSP customer is seeing business throttled by the slow decoding speed of the average format of JPG and PNG on the web. It looks to employing WebP, an image compression format that provides superior lossless and lossy compression for images, to speed up load time and improve service performance for its customer base.

FPGA Solution

Providing the optimized hardware platform – a flexible enterprise 2U high performance server — as the basis for the FPGA solution, Inspur helped the customer unleash the capability of FPGA in parallel data processing. The resulting FPGA solution was able to meet the extensive computing demand of WebP to make image processing more efficient, enabling the user to utilize the JPGE decoding system and WebP coding system to convert to WebP in batches.

User Benefit

This FPGA-based image process solution achieves several times of performance that of traditional image processing based on CPU, helping the CSP customer achieve drastically faster image load times and better web performance for its users.