Accelerating the Data Center with FPGA

Supercharge your data center with Inspur’s suite of FPGA technology solutions.

Speed up a wide range of compute-intensive processes like AI inferencing, data compression, data analytics, image encoding, video transcoding, and more.

Enhancing FPGA Applications


Inspur FPGA Solutions

F10A Accelerator

Form Factor Half Length/Low-Profile
System Interface PCIe Gen3 x8

Two SFP+ GE/10GE interfaces

Power Supply PCIe connected 12V supply
Power Consumption 45W (Peak) / 30W (Average)
Board Memory Two DDR4 SODIMM with separate channels

Up to 16GB @2133Mbps 72bit with ECC or without ECC

Board Flash 2Gbit Flash with 32-bit width data bus
Peak Performance 1.366 TFlops

Inspur FaaS (FPGA as a Service)

High Performance BSP
  • Dual Ring DMA
  • Flow processing
  • Version coverage
  • Extensive BSP packages (15 versions)
  • Compatible with major releases of Ubuntu, Solaris, REHL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) and others
High Availability
  • Thermal Dissipation
  • Long-life fan
  • Automatic testing
  • Availability testing
  • High reliability DDR access
  • High-speed signal integrity
Monitoring & Management
  • Inband (PCIe) monitor
    • Monitors fan speed, power, serial number, FPGA temperature, DDR information
    • Outband (MC) monitor GUI
Cloud Service
  • Multiple loading modes
    • FPP Parallel load 3.2Gbps
    • AS Serial load 400Mbps
  • Dynamic reconfiguration
  • Static logic remote update
  • Virtualization
  • Automatic validation tools

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