Hardware Design & Customization

Leading-edge hardware, purpose-built.

Inspur has decades of experience as a global leader in servers and data center infrastructure solutions.

We bring to every partnership our innovative attitude, design acuity and engineering expertise.

Joint Design Manufacturing (JDM)

We closely collaborate with our clients on joint design from concept to product, combining the client’s vision and our know-how to innovate the right solution for the market. Our attention to detail and flexibility ensures that you receive a product that is customized to your specific business needs.

  • Understanding of customer business applications, pain points
  • Dual productivity: local resources and R&D capabilities in Asia gives customers access to Inspur resources around the clock
  • Customized requirements can leverage our experience and vast capabilities in enterprise, mission critical and AI
  • Leveraging experience and vast capabilities in enterprise, mission critical and AI to serve worldwide top 10 CSPs and their custom requirements
  • L3 to L12 manufacturing
L3 to L12 Server Manufacturing

L3 to L12 manufacturing capability

JDM Success Story: Open19

Open19 is an organization seeking to develop open infrastructure for the traditional 19” data center. They needed platforms that, in addition to fitting into Open19’s modular “brick” form factor, featured a common architecture for different application requirements and high density for maximum efficiency. Through close collaboration with Open19, Inspur designed a compute and storage node based on their project request.

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Inspur compute and storage nodes and enclosure designed for Open19's modular 19

Pioneering “Extreme” Hardware

Through rigorous R&D, we are constantly pushing the physical boundaries of technology to deliver better, stronger features. Our groundbreaking server platforms boast higher density, greater performance, faster speed, and superior efficiency. Rely on Inspur’s complex system design expertise to overcome any hardware engineering hurdles.

A timeline of Inspur's server designs that have pushed the limits of hardware: multi-node, multi-socket, high density, high performance

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