Intel® Optane™ Persistent Memory: Supporting Billing Systems in 5G

Use Case

Organization: AsiaInfo Technologies
Scale: Large enterprise
Sector: ICT


The rapid development of 5G technology is transforming the network and heralding many demanding intelligent business scenarios, presenting new challenges to the telecom billing system like changing business models and an explosive increase in data. AsiaInfo Technologies, a major software and services provider, partnered with Inspur and Intel to create a 5G full-scenario billing system based on a series of innovative products and technologies including AsiaInfo’s AISware 5G billing software, and Inspur NF5280M5 flagship 2-socket server with the second-generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor and Intel® Optane™ persistent memory. This solution enables the system delay and response speed to meet the complex computing and query requirements of new datasets while the overall cost remains unchanged, helping operators in the 5G network transformation.

Project Background

On February 24, 2020, Intel released several new models of the second-generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, for which Inspur announced full support for in its M5 series of servers, and jointly released new solutions based on the new processors for 5G, edge, AI and other scenarios.

Compared with 3G/4G, 5G features high speed, low latency, and extensive connections. It supports billions of IoT devices as well as new applications such as AR/VR and autonomous driving, which significantly expand the scale of network services and bring unprecedented terminals and data types. The global telecommunications industry sees a critical need to shift and adapt to the fundamental changes in service brought on by 5G commercialization.

Inspur Solution Brief

Data explosion and advanced applications put forward new requirements for telecom billing systems. AsiaInfo Technologies is China’s leading service provider in IT solutions and services for telecom operators and aims to help customers respond quickly to market changes, reduce operating costs and improve profitability. AsiaInfo Technologies launched the AISWare 5G Billing System, which enables multi-dimensional billing, rights sharing, SLA pricing, capability sharing, and a combination of billing models.

Inspur Solution Details

Improving business operational responsiveness and ensuring low latency and faster response for complex queries propose greater challenges to the server’s performance and require customization and optimization of the billing infrastructure. Inspur took its experience in the Internet industry and collaborated with operators to develop customized servers. Based on the NF5280M5 2-socket server, this solution focuses on the low latency requirement of the 5G billing system and optimizes the server based on the application scenario.

Inspur NF5280M5 2-socket server with Intel® Optane™ persistent memory offers large memory capacity which greatly reduces the response time for complex queries. It maintains the same performance as DRAM with a slightly lower cost, thereby expanding the system’s total memory without increasing TCO. The improvement in memory capacity reduces data overflow onto low-speed disks, ensuring fast access.

Featuring innovative hardware design, Inspur NF5280M5 is a flagship dual-socket server with comprehensive optimization of performance, energy consumption, manageability, etc. It provides sufficient computing power support to the 5G billing system and allows the IT infrastructure to achieve better performance through the cross-stack design.

Customer Benefits

5G brings a wide range of connections between people, objects, and services, and promotes applications in the field of IoT, edge computing, etc. In the case of telecom, device types and billing quantities are growing exponentially. By adopting the Inspur NF5280M5 server, and leveraging the robust data processing and access capability provided by the on-board second-generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and Intel® Optane™ persistent memory, AsiaInfo Technologies can cope with the rapidly growing system load and help operators quickly process billing tasks in a cost-stable manner. In most scenarios, it can quickly process the calculation of call and network traffic charges, and can complete the billing of an entire system within one day, resolving the conflict between explosive business development and insufficient IT infrastructure capacity.

As the AISWare 5G Billing System further improves, the boost in 5G billing efficiency empowers operators with comprehensive, timely and positive service capabilities and channels and ensure better service feedback from the end-users. Meanwhile, the 5G billing server effectively supports various traditional and traffic services, safeguarding telecom operators against fierce competition.