Inspur Physical Infrastructure Manager (ISPIM) V6.0

Inspur Physical Infrastructure Manager (ISPIM) is a hardware intelligent operation and maintenance management platform for industry data centers.

The platform has functions such as resource management, fault monitoring, performance monitoring, energy consumption management, report statistics, topology display, server fault diagnosis, automatic repair, firmware upgrade/configuration, and OS deployment.

Key Features

Automatic Discovery / Inventory / Maintenance of Assets

Intelligent Monitoring: Built-in Server Fault Diagnosis Library to support automatic inspection, fault

Location, maintenance suggestions and server automatic repair

Unified management of multiple data centers, 3D room and network topology.



ISPIM can be widely used in public clouds, private clouds, data centers, operators, and enterprise customers. ISPIM can be deployed in multiple scenarios such as AI, HPC, Internet, and smart cities. It also provides interfaces such as Restful and SNMP to facilitate user integration and docking.

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