Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Baidu Shared Inspur Partnership Success at Gartner Data Center Conference

LAS VEGAS, Dec. 8, 2016 — During Gartner’s Data Center, Infrastructure & Operations Management Conference, Baidu US’s Chief Architect, Ali Heydari, talked about Baidu’s standing partnership with Inspur, their collaborative drive for innovation in the hyperscale data center space, and how both companies want to bring their years of experience and success to the US.

Heydari shared a successful case study on their current partnership with Inspur in reducing TCO for hyperscale data centers. “Baidu servers and racks are co-designed and built by Inspur. Because of their unique design of shared rack cooling and power infrastructure along with their extremely low data center PUEs, this renders very low operational costs and high reliability. The uptime with relatively low cost of rack builds have shown 30-40 percent total cost of ownership reduction compared to conventional OEM servers,” said Heydari. To improve data center power and cooling efficiency, deployment efficiency, density and manageability, Inspur’s Rack Scale Server SR is deployed as the most widely used search storage server platform – for Baidu, and other search and big data-heavy companies.

Improving Data Center Performance and Efficiency

Heydari shared partnership highlights between Baidu and Inspur on the Project Scorpio/Open Data Center Committee (ODCC) — an Open Data Center initiative started by Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent since 2010 to collaboratively develop shared technology to reduce TCO and improve data center performance and efficiency, much like the OCP (Open Compute Project) started by Facebook. Baidu has been closely working with Inspur to deploy Open Data Center (ODC)/Scorpio designs throughout their data centers since 2012. Heydari emphasized that Inspur’s energy-saving and reliable products are not only cost-saving and environmentally responsible solutions for Baidu, they are a fundamental contributor to Baidu’s operational stability and overall success. Heydari also introduced next generation rack scale designs for high efficiency 48V power distribution architecture, liquid cooling and indirect evaporative cooling technology that Baidu and Inspur are working on together.

Heydari summarized the major Open Data Center Projects currently available and predicted that the Open Source community shall converge on a common rack level design. “Inspur is working together with the ODCC and OCP communities to drive to a common open platform for rack scale”, said Dolly Wu, Vice GM of American Region, “our engineers are working hard at designing the next generation open rack scale architectures to help our hyperscale customers reduce TCO and deploy infrastructure quickly to support the huge growth in ecommerce business.”