Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Gartner reports Dell EMC, HPE and Inspur are top 3 in x86 servers in 2017

According to Gartner’s latest global market survey data, the x86 server market shows a strong growth trend in 2017.

The sales of manufacturers reached 52.5 billion USD with the shipment of 11.39 million units, rising 12.2% and 3.3% respectively from the same period last year.

Market shift: Inspur enters the global top three, becoming a new power in the international server market

The global top three manufacturers in shipment are Dell EMC, HPE and Inspur. Among them, Inspur has become the world’s fastest-growing manufacturer in recent years. In 2017, its sales and shipment increased 50% and 81.7% from the same period last year, much higher than other manufacturers.

Growth of global x86 server manufacturers in 2017

In the past few years, the competition pattern of the global server industry underwent a substantial change. Cloud computing, big data, AI and other new generation information technology not only inject new momentum to the internet economy, but also cause the procurement of CSP servers to become the main driving force of market. In addition, with the development of the internet, digital transformation in traditional enterprises is becoming an even greater challenge. The need for more agile infrastructure, and the changing demand of enterprise market led to development opportunities for emerging enterprises to reshape the global server industry.

CSP drives growth in an internet-connected global market

CSP procurement continues to be the main driving force of the global server market. Large-scale internet procurement and market segmentation is causing the server industry to move away from traditional, standardized products towards solutions purpose-built for specific workloads. Server manufacturers are increasingly required to provide customized server products optimized for applications as well as integrated delivery.

Among the 10 most valuable internet technology companies in the world, Inspur has established strategic partnerships with five of them. According to Inspur CEO Peter Peng, for CSP and SP, Inspur’s unique JDM (joint design manufacturing) model can provide users with complete customized products and services with competitive cost. The JDM model not only helps Inspur gain a competitive edge in the public cloud field, but also accelerates the globalization of business.

The digitization of enterprise brings new changes in the IT market

The digital transformation of business poses a great challenge to enterprises. For many companies, datafication requires connecting the existing system, integrating online and offline businesses as well as the construction of IoT and intelligent systems. Enterprises need more agile, dynamic and efficient infrastructure to go digital.

Therefore, the traditional enterprise market sees the continuous growth of converged architecture with obvious advantage in energy consumption, deployment density and manageability. Some large enterprises are beginning to use rack products complying with ODCC, OCP and other open computing standards. The acceptance of internet innovative products in the enterprise market is expected to expand further.

AI will influence market structure for the long term

The investment scale of CSP on AI is on the rise. It is predicted that the global AI market will increase from nearly USD 8 billion of 2016 to more than USD 47 billion in 2020 with the CAGR of 55.1%. Heterogeneous products suitable for AI business, such as GPU, MIC and FPGA, will maintain a steady growth and lead to a change in the market composition over time.

According to Peter Peng: “The future is the era of smart computing. Enterprises and government will face real challenges of digital transformation, and businesses must upgrade from standard digitization to intelligence. Although the current development and application of AI are in CSP, the bigger development space of AI will be in the enterprise and government sector in the future. Inspur hopes to provide robust end-to-end AI solutions for users everywhere.” Inspur has a growing product line in the AI computing field, and is also developing software, like its Caffe-MPI and AIstation, as part of an integrated approach to AI solutions.