Wednesday, January 31, 2018

IDC View: Inspur Leading the AI Infrastructure Development

Recently, IDC released two reports that highlight Inspur’s AI capabilities in products, solutions and technology innovation.

The reports detailed Inspur’s product portfolio geared toward a future powered by artificial intelligence (AI). The product portfolio includes reconfigurable server system, cluster management software, performance optimization tools, and open source deep learning frameworks. Meanwhile, Inspur will continuingly devote itself to developing end-to-end industry-specific AI solutions, targeting a larger partner ecosystem.

IDC believes that the innovative design in a series of artificial intelligence infrastructure products from Inspur will not only happened in local market, and will also impact on the global AI infrastructure products.

Inspur AGX-2 supports the deployment of eight NVLink or PCI-E GPU in 2U chassis, which is the first domestic vendor offered products can support the NV Link 2.0 interface .It dramatically improving GPU computing density, and it can provide higher computational efficiency for AI applications. GX4 and SR-AI Rack have decoupled of coprocessor and CPU. It helped GPU computing expanded form of standard rack to expansion module, breaking the traditional restriction of 8 adapter, to achieve a higher single-node computing performance. And it can meet the demand of various scenarios such as deep learning training and online reasoning by different modular design. The ABC integrated system launched by Inspur and Baidu, it brings PaaS level solution of artificial intelligence. Based on Baidu’s investment of AI technology and application, ABC integrated system supports face recognition, text recognition, voice recognition and many other functions. It can help traditional industries and small & medium-sized internet companies to create their own AI applications such as remote creating financial account, intelligent security monitoring, intelligent voice assistant, credit card recognition and other scenarios by rapid deployment of PaaS layer. The application of this ABC integrated system helps them to break technology threshold and focus on the application development, and will make artificial intelligence more popular.

According to IDC, Inspur has consolidated learning and developed a software-defined reconfigurable server and storage system specialized to support AI training and inference, in which performance can be accelerated, pooled, and reconfigured. Inspur AGX-2 product, for example, supports 8 GPUs, NVLink, a 2U form factor, and 100Gbps InfiniBand. Users can choose to utilize either 4 or 8 GPUs depending on the workload requirement. Inspur’s smarting computing solution powers close to 90% of China’s active cognitive/AI applications running on BAT platforms.

IDC believes the model brought in large revenue for Inspur not only in the domestic market, as it was also able to start from zero in the U.S. market and accelerate rapidly. For now, Inspur touts a turnkey AI computing solution covering heterogenous server system, software-defined storage, managed service for resource optimization, software to facilitate AI model training, and a customized multi node deep learning application framework. Inspur aims to become the business partner of choice for companies adopting cognitive/AI and transfer best practices gathered by working with hyperscalers.

IDC reports:

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