Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Inspur Announced the Latest Open Compute Server OR Series at Open Compute Project U.S. Summit 2017

Santa Clara, CA, March 8, 2017 — Inspur participated in the OCP (Open Computing Project) U.S. Summit 2017 as a Platinum member and announced the latest OCP standard Rack Scale Server OR Series at the event

The Inspur Rack Scale Server OR Series is 42U in height, and is designed to bring out the best in terms of energy efficiency, space availability and productivity – modular components also reduce operation losses and lower depletion of resources. Inspur is also showcasing 2OU (Open Rack) 3 nodes, based on the next generation Intel® Xeon® Processor family and each node supports 2 processors, 16 DIMMs, and supports support built-in M.2 storage devices. A variety of compute, application optimized and storage server options are also available, including support for NVMe SSD, FPGA and other expansion cards.

Inspur is not only a Platinum Open Compute Project member, but also a major member of the China Open Data Center Committee (ODCC). Like OCP, ODCC is committed to reconstructing data centers, exploring and developing efficient data center solutions. Inspur has continued to play an important role in the development, regulations and requirements of ODDC standards. At the end of 2016, ODCC released the “Scorpio Rack Scale Technical Specifications V2.5”, adding the standards for PCI-E switches and SAS switches. When these new specifications were released, Inspur announced corresponding products and implemented the application in two of China’s largest Internet companies.

Inspur has been known for its responsive support in the ODCC community. Keeping up the standards and customizing the product solutions and services to meet each customer’s needs are Inspur’s two key success factors. In most cases, it only takes about three months to complete the project.
Inspur is a leader in the ODCC Rack Scale Server shipment in China, and has already shipped more than 100,000 nodes over the years, and taken more than 70% market share – key customers include the biggest internet companies in China, such as Baidu and Alibaba. Inspur’s participation in all Open Data Center communities (OCP, ODCC/Scorpio and Open 19) shows our commitment to drive convergence in design to bring value, optimization and Open Designs for the Hyperscale Datacenters and Cloud Deployments. Inspur is also developing two other OCP products – one is for high density storage server, and the other is high performance server, which complies with Microsoft Olympic specifications with strong computing and memory expansion capabilities.

Inspur is a leading global datacenter and cloud computing total solutions provider. We believe “efficiency is everything” and working with industry partners to reengineer and reconstruct data centers shows Inspur’s commitment to more efficient computing. Converged Architecture is Inspur’s solution to balance complexity, energy consumption, space and cost considerations against demands for compute-intensive applications.

Inspur continues rapid growth by expanding its global footprint. The combination of Converged Architecture and customized product solutions will serve as a key driving force to achieve our global business goals. Inspur already helped a lot of companies in China to foster digital transformation and to create business advantage, we have a strong belief that customers around the world will also be benefitted from using our Converged Architecture products.