Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Inspur Announces the New M5 Series Servers to Address Businesses

Ready for the New Era of Intelligent Computing

Fremont, CA, July 26, 2017 – Along with Intel®’s release of its latest generation of Xeon® scalable processor family, Inspur officially announced its new generation of M5 series server platforms, providing the next generation of IT technology that propels businesses to reach their unique business goals faster.

Inspur understands the IT needs of businesses and builds on our years of experience to deliver a broad portfolio of innovative products, services and solutions to help businesses succeed and compete in the marketplace. The new M5 series family focus on meeting the needs of cloud computing, big data and deep learning applications. All 35 products are designed for businesses to get ready to enter the intelligent computing era.

The new M5 series family, based on different deployment and application scenarios, includes 35 products divided into 4 major product groups. The M5 series targets cloud computing, big data and AI to provide customers with excellent and more robust computing performance, as well as reliable and efficient business protection.

General Purpose Series Servers and Enterprise Series Servers are designed to meet the requirements of demanding business applications. Besides, enhanced RASUM (Reliability, Availability, Serviceability, Usability and Manageability) features are integrated to provide ERP, CRM and other traditional enterprise applications with strong, reliable and flexible supportive platforms. For example, the NF5280M5 is a 2U server that has the scalability of 56 physical cores, 24 memory slots and 10 standard PCI-E interfaces. It can be configured for more than 30 different application solutions, covering 5 key application scenarios including general purpose computing and heterogeneous computing.

Inspur’s new M5 Application Optimized Series Server meet the needs for computing-intensive applications and data-rich applications. In this group, some servers are designed for cloud data centers which require high-density, energy efficiency and ease-of-maintenance to lower TCO. Others are designed to manage big data, deep learning and other emerging data-rich applications. All these servers break through the bottlenecks of technical platform restrictions in storage, heterogeneous scalability and other aspects. They provide physical storage capacity and heterogeneous computing power far better than general products. For example, the NF5288M5, a purpose-built deep learning server, supports the deployment of 8 GPUs in a 2U form factor and offers superb performance for extreme AI computing and HPC applications.


Inspur’s Converged Architecture Product series is the next generation data center modular solution. They consist of multiple-star servers, blade servers, cabinet servers and other form factors. The physical indicators, including product performance density, storage density and energy efficiency, as well as the scalability of computing, storage, I/O and other various resources, are far superior to traditional servers.

Inspur is committed to providing state-of-the-art and end-to-end product design. For example, the storage server NF5486M5 is in a 4U form factor with a maximum configuration of 100 3.5-inch hard disks. It is the industry’s highest density storage server with storage density of up to 25 PB per U, saving 60% of the data center storage space compared with general purpose storage server. Inspur integrates a high-precision airflow deployment technology to ensure the system is working normally when all 100 3.5-inch hard disks are running at the same time.

Flexibility, intelligence and openness are key considerations in Inspur’s product design. For example, Inspur’s Incloud Rack and i9000 blade system both support 2-socket, 4-socket and 8-socket nodes, as well as I/O, PCI-E scalability module and can be configured for a dozens of business application platforms, including enterprise private cloud, deep learning, public cloud and transaction processing. Ease of management and maintenance is another key differentiator of Inspur’s server products. The new M5 series family is equipped with a multi-dimensional automatic management solution and supports OpenBMC and Redfish, the two standard management API interfaces.

Inspur also participates in all Open Data Center Projects, which include OCP, OCS, ODCC and Open19. The new M5 series family offers a complete line of open platform product solutions, including 5 major solution platforms, Scorpio cabinet, 4U multi-node, OCP cabinet, OCS cabinet and Open19 cabinet, as well as 17 scalability nodes, covering three open standards.

Inspur is a leading data center products and solutions manufacturer. According to IDC & Gartner 2017Q1 research, Inspur servers ranked No.1 in China and Top 5 worldwide. In the field of AI, Inspur can provide leading heterogeneous accelerating computing platforms and end-to-end AI total solutions. Inspur’s AI technology has been widely used in smart-voice, smart-image and other applications by companies such as Baidu, Ailibaba, Tencent, iFlytek and Face++.


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