Thursday, January 12, 2017

Inspur Breaks World Records with Latest SPEC Tests

FREMONT, California, January 12, 2017 — Today, Inspur announced that the Inspur NF8480M4 broke the world records for the 4-socket servers for SPEC CPU CINT2006 test, with the peak performance of 3570. SPEC, (The Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation) is a global non-profit and authoritative third-party organization for application performance evaluation. SPEC is committed to establishing the maintenance and improvement of the application performance assessment standard of new servers – owning 10 test standards, 53 test specifications, and is used for reference when measuring financial, energy, transportation and large manufacturing enterprise applications.

The SPEC CPU CINT2006 aims at testing the integer performance of the computer system. In the test, there were 12 simulated application scenarios including weather forecast, spam detection, C code compiling and single-station vehicle dispatching of large bus systems. The integer performance plays a prominent role in the data mining, cloud computing, big data and other performances of the computer system.

Inspur’s products passed the tests with superior results – Inspur’s 4-socket server flagship product, the NF8480M4 is designed to optimize the application of big data and cloud computing, with a powerful computing performance and expansion capabilities. It adopts the Intel Xeon E7-8800v4 processor, has up to 96 computing cores and 12TB memory (interleaving access), and supports advanced RAS features such as hot swappable memory, memory mirroring and memory sparing – particularly suitable for the critical applications including the virtual integration of hyperscale data centers, middleware application of large-scale application software, large database applications and data mining. The NF8480M4 can connect 2.5-inch PCIE SSD with 4 NVMe interfaces, greatly improving the IO throughput capacity of the storage system and establishing hierarchical storage scenes.

In addition to earning top performance in the SPEC test, Inspur’s 4 and 8-socket servers are SAP HANA certified. The certified solutions are based off Inspur’s multi-socket servers, and can provide customers with plenty of data with various sources for real-time analysis, achieve multi-task parallel processing, and minimize data transmission. The data can be compressed 5-20 times and the processing speed is several tens of times faster than the traditional data warehouse solutions.

Inspur is now a global leader in multi-socket servers, per several sources. Gartner’s 2016 data reports announced that Inspur’s 4-socket servers placed first in the global market for 2 consecutive quarters, and the shipments of 8-socket servers ranked first for last 12 continuous quarters in China.

SOURCE Inspur Electronic Information Industry Co., Ltd