Thursday, March 14, 2019

Inspur Launches High-Density Cloud-Optimized Four-Socket Platform for the CSP Market

Plans for “OCP Accepted” Submission, Features Generation Intel® Xeon™ Scalable Processor, optimized with Intel® Optane™ DC persistent memory

SAN JOSE, CA – On March 14th at the OCP Global Summit, Inspur, a leading global data center infrastructure provider, in collaboration with Intel, a leader in the semiconductor industry, jointly announced the plan to contribute a High-density Cloud-optimized platform to the OCP Community, with an OCP Accepted submittal.  This four-socket platform is a high-density, cloud-optimized, flexible and powerful 2U server platform that features Future Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors optimized with Intel® Optane™ DC persistent memory.

The platform is designed and optimized for cloud Infrastructure-aaS, Function-aaS, and Bare-Metal-aaS solutions focused on increasing CSP revenue and decreasing TCO cost.

Inspur’s new NF8260M5 system is the ideal showcase of an advanced platform technologies for introducing the “high-density cloud-optimized” four-socket server solution to the cloud service provider (CSP) market.  Inspur plans to work with the OCP community to define the quality standard that meets top CSP datacenter requirements including but not limited to server hardware, firmware, BIOS and software.  Beyond cloud scale-out workloads, the new system is also optimized to run large-scale cloud applications such as data processing, virtualization, and network load balancing.

Adopting a four-socket platform rather than the dual socket presents some key values and incentives to cloud service providers.

With the explosion of cloud services growth, reducing power consumption becomes a major task for any data center operator. A four-socket system presents a significant boost to energy-efficiency as compared to scale-out dual-socket systems.  Recent estimates showed that one four-socket system can reach double-digit percentage energy savings when compared to two dual-socket systems.  Other benefits of four-socket adoption are lower maintenance costs, savings in software license fees, and contained risk of hardware failure.

Inspur has over a decade  years of experience in developing four socket and eight socket platforms since the release of Intel’s 2-socket platform formerly code-named “Thurley.” Inspur’s NF8260M5 is a state-of-the-art system developed over multiple generations of the four/eight socket design.  Its  compact 2U form factor delivers the energy-effectiveness to enable the highest number of single rack cores in the industry, which is 2240 cores in a single 42U rack (* dependent on available rack power).  By supporting Intel® Optane™ DC persistent memory , a single NF8260M5 2U platform can support up to 18 terabytes of memory or up to 360 terabytes in single 42U rack.  The server can support up to two 2000W power supplies for increasing redundancy and reducing unnecessary downtime.  With support for up to eight PCI-E expansion cards, including graphic processor units and network adapters, the NF8260M5 offers increased expandability and capability to support a robust spectrum of applications.