Friday, August 10, 2018

Inspur NF5280M5 Breaks Record on SPEC Performance Evaluation for Dual-Socket Servers

A few days ago, the SPEC official website announced the latest jbb2015 test scores list. Inspur’s dual-socket NF5280M5 server completed 181,507 Java transactions per second to obtain the highest score on this test, topping the list of server evaluations.

SPEC jbb Enterprise Java Application Best Test Benchmark

The SPEC jbb (Java Business Benchmark) 2015 benchmark is the latest generation of benchmarks for measuring server Java application performance published by the International Performance Standards Assessment Organization. It is mainly used to measure Java system performance including JRE performance, operating system performance, and underlying hardware. It has become the definitive benchmark standard for the Java virtual machine vendor, hardware developer, Java application developer, and academic research organization to evaluate Java business application performance and scalability.

This test simulates the IT infrastructure of a large global enterprise, and the business scenarios include: offline POS consumption, online sales, corporate data mining operations, etc. The model is widely representative in practical applications, so the jbb2015 test has important practical implications for mainstream enterprise and Java applications.

The main purpose of the test is to detect the server’s Java service throughput and response time, to test the maximum value that the system can handle by simulating the increasing amount of traffic, and to reflect changes in system response time as traffic increases.

Inspur NF5280M5 tops record with strong performance

The NF5280M5 is the dual-socket flagship product of M5’s next-generation server line representing Inspur’s ultimate, flexible, intelligent and open design concept. It is equipped with Intel® Xeon® scalable processors and 24 memory plugs. The slot can support up to 9 PCIe expansion slots and 8 GPUs. It can be flexibly configured through component upgrades to meet the requirements of five major application scenarios: universal computing, large-capacity storage, all-flash, IO-intensive, and heterogeneous acceleration.

The test results show that the max-jOPS of the system’s maximum processing performance index for NF5280M5 is 181,507, meaning the system can complete up to 181,507 Java transactions per second without Java service processing failure. In addition to its strong performance, the NF5280M5 is also at the leading edge for timeliness of transaction response. According to the test results, the NF5280M5 can perform 66,092 Java processes per second with a maximum response time of no more than 100ms.

In addition to SPEC jbb, Inspur NF5280M5 has performed equally well in other SPEC benchmark tests, and broke 26 world records in SPEC CPU, SPEC Power and other tests.