Thursday, September 3, 2020

Inspur Storage Provides John Paul II Hospital Data Support to Battle Pandemic

Posted to BusinessWire.

Inspur AS5500G5 helps the John Paul II Hospital accelerate the sharing and interaction of medical data during the pandemic to improve diagnosis efficiency.

STUTTGART, Germany–Recently, Inspur began working with the John Paul II Hospital, Poland’s largest healthcare organization, to provide data storage support in the fight against the COVID-19. It will also be used to in the development of treatments to many other diseases, such as heart disease.

Located in the beautiful city of Krakow, the old Polish capital, John Paul II Hospital has more than 100 years of history and is one of the largest and most advanced healthcare institutions in Poland. The hospital has won many awards in fields such as respiratory care, thoracic surgery and cardiovascular care. Data show that the hospital receives approximately 100,000 patients every year, with more than 70,000 outpatient visits and more than 60,000 imaging examinations. Facing the raging COVID-19 pandemic in Poland, the John Paul II Hospital needs to accelerate the sharing and interaction of medical data and improve the efficiency of medical services.

In this project, Inspur Storage has laid a digital foundation for the John Paul II Hospital to build a real-time, fully shared, and round-the-clock medical platform. For real-time performance, Inspur Storage utilizes iTurbo intelligent engine technology to enable intelligent IO sensing and multi-path selection, organization and scheduling, driving efficient concurrency and flow of millions of IOs in the storage system. In the latest SPC-1 benchmark, Inspur AS5500G5 reset the record for best performance of 8-controller storage with more than 3.3 million IOPS. In addition, Inspur Storage delivers industry-leading heterogeneous virtualization and transparent data migration technology, which can “heterogenize” more than 95% of storage devices for sharing and flow of underlying data, and enable data migration to ensure medical applications stay online 24/7. It is through years of continuous innovation in product technology that Inspur’s storage platform can deliver the leading performance and capabilities that John Paul II Hospital needs for the project, providing the institution with data storage support to aid the global effort in combating Covid-19.