Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Inspur® takes the Top 3 vendor share of TOP500 supercomputers

On November 13, the fiftieth Top500 Supercomputers list was officially released. China’s Sunway TaihuLight maintained its top position for Four Consecutive years. Followed by China’s Tianhe 2A (Milky Way-2) and Switzerland’s Piz Daint. In terms of vendor share, China’s Inspur ranks top3 of TOP500 list with 56 systems.

Major manufactures including Cray, IBM, HPE, Inspur were named to the top500 list. HPE has the lead in the number of installed supercomputers at 122.  Inspur takes #3 market share in the ranks and has now 56 systems, up from 20 six month ago, a growth rate of 180% .

Inspur is a leading data center infrastructure provider. The server sales of Inspur ranks #4 worldwide in the second quarter of 2017, according to Gartner. Inspur provides customers with end-to-end high-performance computing solution. It has advanced and mature overall development program and optimization capabilities on HPC. Inspur holds the largest share among China’s Top 100 HPC ranking in 2017, and operates a large amount of supercomputing system in regions including Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America and Africa.

Equipped with the most complete HPC product line, Inspur is a world leader in HPC system design, development and construction, and provides solutions covering air/water-cooled basic structure and two-socket, 4-socket, 8-socket and 32-socket full-line server node products, supporting CPU, GPU, FPGA and other acceleration technologies to meet diverse consumer demands. Inspur also supports applications targeting industrial users. It now has over 300 industrial HPC solutions for such application fields as material sciences, hydromechanics, manufacturing simulation, electromagnetic simulation, weather forecast, oil exploration, cosmic research and genetics. Inspur’s top expert service team provides customers with HPC solution selection, application demand analysis, system architecture design, dedicated technology verification and other professional services to ensure that their solutions are tailored to best customer demands, are easy to use and efficient, helping customers maximize their business development.

Inspur is one of the founders and sponsors of the Asia Student Supercomputer Challenge (ASC), the world’s biggest supercomputing competition, which has been held for 7 years and attracts thousands of college students around the world. More than 230 teams from international institutions of higher education participated in ASC 2017. Inspur also works with other institutions to establish talents funds including the Tsinghua University-Inspur Young Professional Award of Computational Geosciences, and offers certification and training courses on GPU, MIC and other cutting-edge technologies in the industry, promoting HPC professional cultivation from a range of aspects.