Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Inspur’s InCloudRack is the Ideal Choice for Users’ Smooth Transformation to Cloud

Beijing, China, March 22, 2017—The “InCloudRack Supports Users’ Smooth Transformation to Cloud” whitepaper prepared by the IDC was recently released. According to IDC’s perspective, the digital transformation strategy of most large enterprises is hindered by the traditional infrastructure in utilizing cloud computing. Since businesses drive IT infrastructure to continue to evolve, there would no universal platform for every workload. End users need both hardware and software to continue optimizing to support a growing business. Inspur believes the software-defined and hardware-restructured platform will be the innovation of converged infrastructure. To support traditional enterprises’ transition to cloud platform smoothly, Inspur has launched InCloudRack’s integrated infrastructure, which is packaged as a whole rack server solution. Organizations can easily make flexible configurations for both scale-out computing and critical business.

The whitepaper, based on enterprise survey to 1,000+ corporations, was prepared by Matthew Eastwood, Senior Vice President of IDC Enterprise IT Infrastructure and Data Center, Zhengang Zhou, Director of the Business Research Department Research, and Xutao Liu, Director of X86 Server Market Research.

IDC’s Global Digital Transformation Survey 2015 found that 64% of enterprises were still in the process or initial stage of digital exploration. The digital transformation strategy is limited and only implemented on a pilot basis, which cannot provide substantial digitalization-driven products and services.

End-user already begins to adopt software define infrastructure solutions, for build an agility platform and improve datacenter efficiency. But they are still facing the problem due to the flexibility and scalability of hardware. The commodities server nodes cannot support various workload, and it is also cannot extend quickly to support fast growing of business.

Zhengang Zhou believes that InCloudRack is different from traditional blade or rack server. It’s a software-defined whole rack solution and it is also an important innovative product of integrated infrastructure, including computing, storage, and networking resources, and also managed as an integrated platform. Inspur also provides modular deployment options for InCloudRack, in which users or system integrators can configure to support various business demands. The whole rack architecture is the best option to digital business transformation and is an ideal solution for databases, ERP, CRM, network functions virtualization (NFV) and high-performance computing.

Good for datacenter scale – out as well as scale- up designs with support for 2-way, 4-way and 8-way nodes and up to 96 Intel® Xeon® processors in the same rack, Inspur’s InCloudRack combines centralized power, cooling, and management into a rack level converged infrastructure that revolutionizes how modern data centers and cloud environment can be built, and provides high reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) capability.

InCloudRack is an effective and efficient software-defined solution. InCloud OS is a cloud datacenter operating system based on OpenStack and it’s compatible with InCloud Sphere, VSphere, XenSerVer, Hyper-V, Power VM, and many other mainstream virtualization devices. InCloud OS incorporates virtualization platform, cloud management software, software defined network and software defined storage and security components. InCloud OS implements unified cloud operation and management, with business perception, intelligent resource management and automatic service delivery as the core value. Users can deploy based on applications or workloads, which increases business agility and efficiency.

Traditional data centers evaluate their operation costs mainly focus on the hardware and software costs, and rarely consider the costs of maintenance and operation. Now, more and more enterprises have started to looking into the efficiency of the data center as a whole to review ROI and keep total cost of ownership (TCO) under control. The adoption of rack-scale converged systems can generate high ROI, and help businesses achieve scalable performance, flexible configuration, efficient operation, and powerful computing.

IDC believes that IT is the key to digital business transformation, and new technologies will continue to evolve and drive the product, market and business innovation. It will dramatically reconstruct the manufacturing process, business operations and value chain management, and reshape the traditional business role. IDC’s research shows that there are a large number of businesses that adopt a more aggressive digital transformation strategy To stay competitive, IT needs to accelerate with business expectations for delivery of services and products and migrate to a suitable cloud model based on the feature of their applications and workloads. This will further stimulate the growth of the rack-scale convergence systems.

Inspur has a complete lineup of converged architecture products, and can meet the different cloud computing needs. Inspur’s current converged architecture products include the SR series, the OR series, OPEN19 products, which are recently launched at CeBIT 2017, and the blade system I9000.

Feng Zhang, Manager of Inspur Server Product Department said that the number of Inspur server shipments is ranked No. 1 in China, and the company is expanding its global growth quickly. Inspur’s converged architecture systems have already been recognized by customers around the world, and are becoming the fastest growing product line within the company. The changing of IT landscape and the demand for converged architecture systems will offer a great opportunity for Inspur to become worldwide top 3 server manufacturer.

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