Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Russian Prime Minister Medvedev Favored Chinese Server Manufacturers

On July 8,2015, the 6th Russian Exhibition of Innovative Industries was held in Yekaterinburg. As the first country of honor in this exhibition, China fully demonstrated its achievements in industry, science and technology. Vice Chinese Prime Minister Wang Yang and Russian Prime Minister Medvedev attended a series of events and visited the Chinese pavilion.

Among all Chinese exhibitors, Inspur took its debut with the core equipment of cloud computing and caught the high attention and recognition of both prime ministers as the leading player in China’s information industry. Inspur was the first stop of Medvedev during his visit to the exhibition. He inquired about the technical level and application conditions of Inspur K1 system and SmartRack cabinet server and lauded, “Inspur really produces great products and we welcome Inspur to explore the Russian market and cooperate with the local enterprises of Russia. We believe Inspur will surely succeed in Russia!”

Inspur is a leading Chinese provider of cloud computing and big data services. The K1 system and SmartRack cabinet server that Inspur displayed in the exhibition represent the highest level of China’s IT industry. Inspur TS K1 system is the first minicomputer of China which turns China into the 3rd country other than the USA and Japan to be able to produce 32-path critical application hosts in the world. This product has been applied in 12 critical industrial markets, including financial, electrical, public security and transportation industries. SmartRack cabinet server is designed by Inspur specifically for users of the Internet and future cloud computing data center and it has 50% higher density and 25% lower power consumption than conventional products. According to IDC statistics, SmartRack has a share of over 60% in the Internet market of China.

Russia is the core region of overseas promotion for Inspur and Inspur (Russia) Co., Ltd has been incorporated for this purpose, with an innovative product display center established in Moscow. Today, Inspur has 500+ sales channels in Russia and engages in business cooperation and technology sharing in a variety of fields, including government informatization, the Internet and information safety.

This exhibition marks the preference of Medvedev for Inspur once again. In October 2014, Medvedev and Li Keqiang, the Chinese Prime Minister, jointly witnessed the signing of a strategic partnership agreement with Voskhod, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Russian Ministry of Communication and Mass Media. With the strong supports from the governments of both countries, Inspur will surely maintain its strong growth momentums in the Russian market.

Inspur hopes to capitalize on this opportunity to share with more Russian enterprises its innovation information technologies and rich experiences in corporate informatization and provide software and hardware integration solutions to critical industries. We are committed to becoming the most trustworthy strategic partner of Russian enterprises and contributing to the informatization of Russian enterprises.