OCP Summit 2021 Inspur Virtual Showcase

Welcome to Inspur's OCP Summit 2021 virtual showcase. See total open compute solutions beyond hyperscale, optimized for applications in AI, cloud, storage, enterprise, and edge.

Open Compute Beyond Hyperscale.

Inspur returns to OCP Summit with open innovations to address diverse data center applications including cloud, enterprise, AI, and storage. Featured releases include continuing joint development on an E1.S-based open storage system with Samsung, and the industry’s first ARM-based OCP platform based on Ampere’s Altra Max CPU.

With open data center initiatives becoming more pertinent in the mainstream, Inspur pursues open design innovations with the hope to expand OCP access and adoption beyond hyperscale.

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Inspur x Ampere: ARM-Based OCP Platform

The industry’s first and only AArch64-Based OCP platform to enable cloud-native workloads.

  • 2U, 2x Ampere Altra / Altra Max CPU, up to 128 Arm v8.2+ 64-bit CPU cores at 3.00 GHz
  • 16x 72-bit DDR4-3200 channels: up to 32 DIMMs per system (2DPC)
  • Up to 4 TB of DRAM memory support per socket

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Inspur x Samsung: Open Storage Platform Collaboration

Disaggregated and shared storage solution with a HW infrastructure that will be contributed to the OCP community.

Disaggregated and Shared NVMeoF Interface New Industry Standard SSD Form Factor
  • The latest PCIe Gen4 based dual-socket system
  • Supports up to 32x NVMe SSDs in 1U
  • Utilizes EDSFF 1U Short (E1.S) Form Factor

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Inspur OCP Open Storage Solution in collaboration with Samsung

The Next Step in Memory Evolution with Samsung Poseidon

Samsung’s open-source project Poseidon leverages its E1.S reference system and Inspur’s general purpose server design to develop high-performance storage platforms for the cloud, enterprise and hyperscale data center. Samsung Executive Vice President Jongyoul Lee discusses the project’s journey since its announcement at OCP Summit 2020.


General Purpose Enterprise Servers for Open Standards At-Scale

Inspur is expanding on the use of high volume Common Building Blocks (CBB), motherboards that have been validated through use in other general purpose servers, to provide highly adoptable open rack system options to the OCP and data center community that maximize reliability and minimize validation effort for users.

1OU OCP Compute Node Design

1OU compute node based on the latest ‎Intel® Xeon® 3rd Generation Scalable processor. It utilizes the same motherboard design as Inspur’s validated general purpose enterprise server NF5180M6 and is highly reliable.

This design combines the best of ODCC and OCP building blocks to create a reliable mainstream design that can be offered as an alternative to the Meta design.

NF5280M6 2U Server with Flexible Configurations

Versatile 2U 2-socket server powered by the Intel® Xeon® 3rd Generation Scalable processor.

Featuring high storage and I/O capabilities it comes in several flexible configurations that serves a wide range of data-intensive compute and storage needs, suitable for virtualization, driving large business applications, running transactional databases and more.

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Accelerating AI Hardware Integration with OCP UBB and OAI

The OAI (Open Accelerator Infrastructure) specification unifies the technical specifications of the accelerator module and simplifies the design complexity of the AI accelerator system, thereby shortening time to market for the hardware system.

Inspur MX1 21” OAI UBB System

Inspur MX1 21” OAI UBB System

21-inch rack-scale OAM solution providing scale up with simplified inter-module communication, scale out with input/output bandwidth.

Disparate network architectures supported through OAM direct connect, delivering increased efficiency, flexibility and manageability.

Features two OCP interconnect topologies: Hybrid Cube Mesh (HCM), Fully Connected (FC).

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Take a look inside the MX1

A hands-on look inside the MX1 OAI UBB system: its unique tray design, UBB integration, and connecting it to an ON5263M5 OCP compute node.

High Expansion OCP Compute Node

  • OCP Accepted “San Jose” motherboard design
  • 2OU modular node for 21″ open rack
  • I/O expansion ideal for data acceleration
  • 4x Hotswap NVMe SSD
  • 1x SATA/PCIe M.2

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Rack-Level Management

In order to meet the demands of customers for data center management, maintenance optimization and system design, the OpenRMC project was launched to help small and medium-sized data center customers greatly reduce their IT operation and maintenance costs, simplify software-based rack management and improve efficiency.

Inspur provides an OpenRMC compliant rack level hardware management infrastructure and rack level software management stack that includes web server service and client tools.

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OpenRMC OCP Rack Management Solution

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